Monday, 7 April 2008

Kid's Birthdays

Well my eldest son is going to be 10 in a couple of weeks so is making arrangements for what he would like to do for his party. As he gets older the big parties are not happening so he is allowed just 6 friends to do something. As it is just a small number I decided I would make his invites by hand this year rather than on the computer which I often do when large numbers are involved!

I asked him what stamps he would like me to use, he wanted a soccer themed one. Sadly SU! does not have any like this so I had to use some of my non SU! stamps - he chose a fun stamp I had by Penny Black. They are very simple invites and easy to make. In fact I made most of them sitting outside on the garden chair on our drive with a huge coat on yesterday as the kids were all out the front playing and the little one isn't old enough to be out on his own!

The stamp originally has a number 3 on the shirt but I didn't want that on there so I put a small piece of post it note over the 3 when I inked the stamp and then removed it just before I stamped the image. I was going to use some rub-ons to put the number '10' on the front instead but unfortunately I didn't have enough of each number to do it! The main things is though, he is happy with them!

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