Sunday, 27 April 2008

is it only 8.30pm?!

feels like midnight!

Last night was THE night, yes the big sleepover! We firstly entertained 9 boys (inc my 3 at the local climbing wall, it was fun but due to a mix up with the group before us we didn't have as much time as we would have liked.

We had a bit of a nightmare when we got back as we thought one of the boys had left their overnight bag there and it had his epipen in (he is highly nut allergic!) I went in to a panic as the centre had closed and I didn't know what to do but fortunately we found it and all was good, what was even better is that we didn't have to use it!

We got through the BBQ unscathed, we even had an air guitar competition to Wolfmother and ACDC. One lad was picked up at this point as he had footy the next day, I think he was relieved to go as coming from a home with 2 sisters he wasn't really used to this kind of environment and noise!

They watched a movie, ate popcorn and then went to bed, well at least went to my son's bedroom. I went in once at12am and then again at 1am, dealt with tears and a nosebleed and after that I could stay awake no longer but was woken at 6.30am to them all sword fighting on the landing!

I just remind myself it could have been a whole lot worse, by the time they had eaten their bacon and eggs & got dressed it was time for them to be collected *phew*

I am totally shattered but have had to be busy today getting ready for next Sunday's Stamp-a-Stack. It is a poor show really as normally by now Claire and I have it all sorted, have things on order that we need etc but we haven't had time for that.

Instead we are working on a divide and conquer technique, Claire is tackling the Female and Child cards and I am tackling the Christmas card and Male card - arghhh!

I was originally going to use the stamp set Peaceful Wishes and after casing a card I saw on the web and trying it in a number of colour schemes I decided to change my mind completely. So this was the first attempts...

I then had this brain wave of using my munches to make reverse mask for Christmas baubles. So after a little play, this is what I came up with. I used sponging and The Snowflake Spots stamp set, along with the Signo White Gel Pen and Dazzling Diamond glitter to give it a little more pizazz!

Here it is again with different colour schemes. You'll actually see I re-did the central panel as I decided I would prefer it if I saw 3 full baubles!

They look much nicer in real life, I think I may even do these for my Christmas cards this year!

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