Thursday, 17 April 2008

Hosting a Workshop

What is workshop?

A workshop is usually hosted in your home. You invite a number of friends that share a common interest in crafting, whether they are experienced crafters or would simply like to see what is involved. You can have friends, family or colleagues, whomever you would like.
The best workshops are groups of no more than 8-10 but you will find that you need to invite a lot more than this as often people are unable to attend or drop out at the last minute. Experienced demonstrators will be able to cope with large numbers if you find that everyone says ‘yes’!
Your demonstrator will talk you through the process of how the workshop will work and provide you with everything you need to get the ball rolling. The usual format is your demonstrator will talk you and your guests through the Idea Book & Catalogue; possibly explain how the stamps are easily assembled at home. At least one project will then be demonstrated and towards the end you and your guests will have an opportunity to have a go at a project, this is called the Make & Take.
Throughout the workshop the demonstrator will be pleased to answer any questions you or your guests have about Stampin’ Up! And it’s products.

What do you need to do?
All you need to do is invite people in to your home, perhaps provide refreshments and a small quantity of nibbles, nothing fancy, a plate of biscuits will be enough!
You need to maintain contact with your guests and remind them nearer to the date so that when your demonstrator calls , you are able to tell him/her how many guests you are expecting. He/she will need this information to prepare.
It may be an idea to take a copy of the Idea Book & Catalogue, as well as some order forms which your demonstrator will provide, to work or around friends’ houses and possibly collect some outside orders as these will all add to your workshop total which means more benefits for you.
After a workshop your demonstrator will need you to assist him/her in collecting any money for orders that were not paid for at the time of the workshop, a closing date will be set on the day. Within two weeks of the order being placed the products will arrive to you with a list of whose order is whose and you will be responsible for distributing it.

Why host a workshop?
Of course the main reason is to get together with a group of likeminded friends and have a fun 2-3 hours fun! Secondly by hosting a workshop you are able to benefit from a whole host of fantastic freebies – we all like something for free!
When you commit to hosting a workshop your demonstrator will give you a copy of the Idea Book & Catalogue, this is yours to keep. You can increase your workshop total by using this book to collect outside orders before your workshop.
At the end of the workshop your demonstrator will total all the sales of that evening and he/she will inform you of what goodies you qualify for. The table below shows you what you can get. A workshop which takes just $300 (before postage & handling costs)for $50 to spend on any products within the catalogue including the exclusive hostess range.. The benefits grow as your workshop total grows.

If you live in Tasmania and would like to host a workshop, please

and we can discuss details.

Even if you are not in Tasmania you can have a Catalogue Workshop. You simply purchase a copy if the Idea Book & Catalogue and I will send you couple of card samples (so you can see the quality of the products) and some order forms. If you can collect $300 in orders I will refund the cost of the catalogue and you can claim the fantastic Hostess Benefits!

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