Sunday, 13 April 2008

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Copying Protocol

If you copy a card (CASE it) then it is protocol to admit that the work is not entirely yours. You should not use it in competitions, challenges or for publishing. If you know who the person was who you originally CASED the card from then you should mention their name, if you don't then it is still courtesy to admit the card is not entirely your own design. It is usual to change at least one aspect when you CASE a card.

When I post a CASED card in my blog text, I always comment that it is CASED, even if I no longer know who the original designer was. If there is a card in my blog which you believe is your design and I have not acknowledged it, please accept my apologies and if you contact me I will rectify the problem. Please also be aware that it is impossible to be entirely original and people are bound to  independently come up with similar designs.

Cards in my galleries have all come from my blog so although it may not mention it is CASED in the galleries it should be on the blog itself.
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