Thursday, 10 April 2008

My Craft Space....

We are really lucky in our house as we have a couple of decent sized spare bedrooms so we have made this one in to our office, we all share it and there is plenty of space.

I have one end of the room, on one wall, opposite the big window, is my desk, computers and printers. This first picture is what it should look like....................

This is what it looks like after an hour or so of working.....

I store my SU! punches in an over the door shoe hanger

I keep all my cardstock in 2 little filing cabinets, there are two colour families in each drawer and each colour has it's own suspension file. The neutrals etc. are in another drawer and my SU! paper work is in the fourth drawer.

So I know at a glance which colour is where I have used the SU! Word Window punch to punch out a piece of the colour and I use it on the top index tabs

To the left of me I have a big cube storage thingy where I keep all my stamps and other crafty things. It is a great way to store things as I can see everything at a glance but I need to put some shelves within some of them as my SU! stamp boxes always fall over if I need the one at the bottom - very frustrating!

To the left of that is a table which was going to be my sewing table but I have turned it over to the kids. I allow them to use my stamping stuff and they have a lot of their own and quite often they come in and make some cards too but it doesn't interfere with my work. I am pleased they enjoy it as having 3 boys and no girls I thought I would spend my life crafting on my own!

Finally, on the right of me is my husbands area, he works for a big internet company so all his work is computer based, as the company was initially British based he has to work British hours as well as Australian so he never really gets any time off. Ideally it would be great to have my own room entirely but it works well like this as we spend a lot of time in here together so can talk about day to day things. We dislike many of each others TV programmes etc, he is rarely around in time to eat with us so it is good that we can share this room.

We have two windows in this room, one is huge and one is the small one by the boys' desk so it is light and airy.

Currently we rent this house but we are in the process of buying it, when it is all settled it will be great to add our own touches to it!

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