Friday, 18 April 2008

2 sleeps to go....

...until it is Stamp Camp!

This time round Claire and I have a 'brayering' theme (gawd I wish the spell checks would just get over the 'brayer' word!).

I had kind of got Brayered Skies in my head to do and had tried some samples with Stem Silhouettes based largely on ones by Alisa Tilsner and Michelle Zindorf. To my horror and total disappointed Stem Silhouettes was not included in our new catalogue.

So nothing like leaving to the last minute I had play this evening and using the firm favourite Lovely as a Tree and a new approach with Peaceful Wishes I have managed to put together some samples.

I used a number of different colour ways as I will be working with two groups of 9 so I didn't want people waiting ages for an ink pad (that is just too frustrating). Everyone will have their own brayers as it was included in the Camp package (as was a spectrum pad which we managed to get before they run out as they too have been retired).

Whilst playing I had this idea to do a sunset with the actual sunset colours. I did this much in the same was as I had previously created a night time card. I tore a mask and kept both sides of the mask, I used one side to mask whilst I brayered the sky and then put the other mask on and removed the first to brayer the dark ground. I also used a large circle reverse mask to put the sun just setting behind the horizon.

I used quite a large piece of paper to do this and I did not want to cut it down so I chose to make a larger card, this one is 15 cm x 15cm. Sadly I stamped the text slightly wonky but I figure that it is good enough!

I shall sleep better tonight knowing that I am not going to make a total fool of myself on Sunday and I will almost be able to convince our guests that I know what I am

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Marcia said...

Hi Lynda, love these cards. Have checked your blog out and adding to my faves to pop in from time to time. Some great work here. Thanks for sharing.