Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Having fun with new techniques...

It is a nice feeling when all your homework is done, well most of it!

I have the Stamp-a-Stack bits ready, I have carried out a lot of preparation for the craft fair in June and now I want to play!

Claire, my esteemed colleague, has recently started her blog and just to show us all up she wow'd us with a tutorial! It is fab, called The Fossil Stone Technique. I won't bore you with the details when you can see for yourself here. Anyway, ever since I saw it I have wanted to try and now I have and it's great! It is also worth looking at Claire's blog as she has used the chef in a really ingenious way, it's really fun!)

I used Wild Wasabi and Blue Bayou inks, both part of this years In Colour range. the photo does not show up both colours for some reason, but trust me the great background does have both colours in it!

I stamped the fish from Fishy Friends but wanted them to stand out just a little more, so using an aqua painter and ink from the pads I subtly coloured the fish in so they looked a little more 'solid'. I then layered, lots of layers, (very unlike me, usually I am too stingy!!). I made the bubbly background on the Wild Wasabi and Blue Bayou layers using the set Seeing Spots and stamping with ink the same colour as the card.

Sitting here looking at the original and then looking at the picture it really does not do it justice. perhaps I'll take another picture in daylight.

Stamp-a-Stack Preparation...

Is sending my doolally! In the last 24 hours I have cut and sorted soooo much card it is unbelievable. I am seriously considering insuring my paper cutters for a couple of million dollars as they have been absolutely indispensable!

Having cut all the card and ribbon, not to mention got together all the accessories I then have to sort them. Each person is making each style of card, 3 times, each with a different colour way.

Here is my table laid out with the male cards. I tried to encourage my 7 year old to help as he is usually so helpful but he is not 100% today and cannot drag himself away from the X-Box!

I worked down each column knowing that had 7 pieces to put with each card.

I did this with all 3 colour ways, added a bag of eyelets (totally forgot to add in the dimensionals - doh!) and then banded them together ready to go in the kit bag.

There were so many little bits with this one that I actually put each bundle in a cellophane bag to keep things together as well!

Well I best go and cut up Stampin' Dimensionals to put in each bag - the joy of it

Sunday, 27 April 2008

is it only 8.30pm?!

feels like midnight!

Last night was THE night, yes the big sleepover! We firstly entertained 9 boys (inc my 3 at the local climbing wall, it was fun but due to a mix up with the group before us we didn't have as much time as we would have liked.

We had a bit of a nightmare when we got back as we thought one of the boys had left their overnight bag there and it had his epipen in (he is highly nut allergic!) I went in to a panic as the centre had closed and I didn't know what to do but fortunately we found it and all was good, what was even better is that we didn't have to use it!

We got through the BBQ unscathed, we even had an air guitar competition to Wolfmother and ACDC. One lad was picked up at this point as he had footy the next day, I think he was relieved to go as coming from a home with 2 sisters he wasn't really used to this kind of environment and noise!

They watched a movie, ate popcorn and then went to bed, well at least went to my son's bedroom. I went in once at12am and then again at 1am, dealt with tears and a nosebleed and after that I could stay awake no longer but was woken at 6.30am to them all sword fighting on the landing!

I just remind myself it could have been a whole lot worse, by the time they had eaten their bacon and eggs & got dressed it was time for them to be collected *phew*

I am totally shattered but have had to be busy today getting ready for next Sunday's Stamp-a-Stack. It is a poor show really as normally by now Claire and I have it all sorted, have things on order that we need etc but we haven't had time for that.

Instead we are working on a divide and conquer technique, Claire is tackling the Female and Child cards and I am tackling the Christmas card and Male card - arghhh!

I was originally going to use the stamp set Peaceful Wishes and after casing a card I saw on the web and trying it in a number of colour schemes I decided to change my mind completely. So this was the first attempts...

I then had this brain wave of using my munches to make reverse mask for Christmas baubles. So after a little play, this is what I came up with. I used sponging and The Snowflake Spots stamp set, along with the Signo White Gel Pen and Dazzling Diamond glitter to give it a little more pizazz!

Here it is again with different colour schemes. You'll actually see I re-did the central panel as I decided I would prefer it if I saw 3 full baubles!

They look much nicer in real life, I think I may even do these for my Christmas cards this year!

Friday, 25 April 2008

Sorry to have been so quiet.....

well a very poor show really....

I have been a little quiet of late over the last days as I really have not had time to be creative. I have been designing a new kitchen for our house in the UK which is a tricky little thing to do when you are 11000 miles away. We return there in a couple of weeks for a 5 week stay and I have an awful lot of renovation work to do so the house can finally be let. It is so hard as I love that house so much, I love the fact it is one of the newer houses in the village yet is 100 years old, there is none of that history here, not in the same way. I love it's location, i love it's layout, I love it's size so the thought of other people living in there is very hard.

On top of that my eldest son had his birthday on Wednesday so had a couple of friends over for a sleepover. It was a bit risky doing it mid week with school the next day but I figured that they only had to hold it together for the Thursday and today is ANZACS day so no school. He has his main party on Saturday, 6 of his friends at the climbing wall, BBQ, home theatre for a movie and then a sleepless night. If you add those 6 to my own 3, that is a hell of a lot of of boys!! I must be absolutely balmy - wish me luck!

Anyway I have a full day today, hopefully with crafting this afternoon - that is my plan I have so much I need to get ready for the craft fair at the end of June, especially as I will be away for 6 weeks!

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Look What I Did!

I never had much of a Designer Series Paper (DSP) collection from the last SU! catalogue but I did have three, one was Recollections which is a floral one and I have used a lot of that, one was the Christmas one which came out in a mini and I used most of that and the other was Pool Party which due to an order mix-up I only got a few weeks before it was retired so never really got to use it much in projects for demonstrations and as I don't scrapbook much I don't use it either.

So to make more space in my scrapbook tote bag I decided to use it to cover the wooden IKEA drawers on my desk. I only just had a enough paper to do it all but it was amazing what a transformation could be made in just a couple of hours. I haven't labelled them all (or in fact any!) yet. The drawers are in different places (I covered them but had to rearrange them as I didn't want all the light and dark together, I wanted to mix stripes and spots - you know how it is!!!) I have no idea where anything is but I am really pleased with how they came out.

Here it is in it's totality.

Here are a couple of close ups.

To get the paper to fit across the width of the drawer I had to use the paper on the diagonal and I didn't notice that on the bottom right drawer in the picture above you can see that my circle one was not lined up straight. I was soooo cross at this oversight but didn't have enough paper to rectify it, well I have one sheet left but it is the wrong design! I shall see how it goes, but already it is driving me nuts...perhaps I just need to make some BIG labels for the drawers!

So I know you are all sitting their a gasp at how clean and tidy my workspace is..."gee she must be such an efficient worker" I can hear you say. Well this next picture will put pay to that idea as here is the mess that was on my desk that I put on the floor so I could take a nice picture!

Monday, 21 April 2008

May Stamp-a-Stack

If you would like to make 12 cards in four different designs for just $30 (just think that will almost see you through a year of cards to send to people!) then please join us on our next venture!

It is on Sunday 4th May - not long now....

For more information follow the link below

Sunday, 20 April 2008

We survived Stamp Camp!

And that is no mean feat let me tell you!

I think I had lulled myself into a false sense of security as I had organised well in advance what I was going to do but I forgot the little fact that I actually needed kits for individuals to work on themselves. So yesterday afternoon I was sitting on my front drive cutting card like a woman possessed!

I can see you wondering why on earth I was sitting outside when I could have been sitting at my desk - well the truth of the matter is that my youngest son wanted to play outside with his skateboard and scooter - he is such a hoon and far too young to be left unsupervised so I had no other choice other than to sit out there!

After frantically deciding on colours and how I was going to put the kits together I then realised that as I was expecting 18 ladies in to my home I really ought to clean it so I was tearing around do that, we also had to go out for a meal last night (which was great!) so time was short.

Why oh why do I leave things to the last minute?! Anyway, Claire (who is so much more organised than me!) arrived this morning with home baked goodies (plus a bottle of Champers for afterwards!), I despatched my husband and kids out for the day and before too long the house filled up and hopefully fun was had by all.

If you were one of our guests please feel free to leave some comments about the day at the end of this post!

I think Claire and I managed to convince everyone we were fully prepared and knew what we were doing, when I used to teach, we called it 'Door Handle Preparation" that is, we decidedthe lesson format as we walked in to the classroom!

Everyone worked really well and created some amazing pieces. Claire's mum did a fantastic job keeping the refreshments flowing. She also managed to take some pictures

This is the kitchen end of the room where I was working, that is me in the pink t-shirt looking incredibly serious. I hope I wasn't like that the whole time!!!

This picture was taken from the lounge end looking towards the kitchen. Look at all those Busy Beavers!

Claire and I have also got our joint blogspot going, InkyDivas, it is here where we will keep people up-to-date with our joint ventures, share pictures of projects and such like. There is not much on there right now but it will grow, I will upload all the pictures which were taken today on there.

Thank you to all our lovely participants today, we are exhausted but we had a great time!

Friday, 18 April 2008

2 sleeps to go....

...until it is Stamp Camp!

This time round Claire and I have a 'brayering' theme (gawd I wish the spell checks would just get over the 'brayer' word!).

I had kind of got Brayered Skies in my head to do and had tried some samples with Stem Silhouettes based largely on ones by Alisa Tilsner and Michelle Zindorf. To my horror and total disappointed Stem Silhouettes was not included in our new catalogue.

So nothing like leaving to the last minute I had play this evening and using the firm favourite Lovely as a Tree and a new approach with Peaceful Wishes I have managed to put together some samples.

I used a number of different colour ways as I will be working with two groups of 9 so I didn't want people waiting ages for an ink pad (that is just too frustrating). Everyone will have their own brayers as it was included in the Camp package (as was a spectrum pad which we managed to get before they run out as they too have been retired).

Whilst playing I had this idea to do a sunset with the actual sunset colours. I did this much in the same was as I had previously created a night time card. I tore a mask and kept both sides of the mask, I used one side to mask whilst I brayered the sky and then put the other mask on and removed the first to brayer the dark ground. I also used a large circle reverse mask to put the sun just setting behind the horizon.

I used quite a large piece of paper to do this and I did not want to cut it down so I chose to make a larger card, this one is 15 cm x 15cm. Sadly I stamped the text slightly wonky but I figure that it is good enough!

I shall sleep better tonight knowing that I am not going to make a total fool of myself on Sunday and I will almost be able to convince our guests that I know what I am

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Mothers' Day card swap...

Now this is very late, this card was meant to have been completed and swapped two weeks ago but I have been very slack. Even now I have had to rush it a bit to get it done. it is so hard to find time between swimming lessons, gymnastics, school pick up, parent help etc!

I based this card on one by Laura from Scrapnextras (she is sooo talented!). Mine is not even remotely as good as hers and I have to say I am a little embarrassed about the painting as it is very slap dash compared with how I usually work. I was trying so hard to get them done and in the post before I got the boys from school but even then I failed!

I figure that at the end of the day these cards are not being given to anyone for an occasion, they are merely an example of what can be done so hopefully they will be OK! Sorry to Claire, Nicki & Mae if they are not good enough!

I have used the In Colours with this card, the card stock is Wild Wasabi, Purely Pomegranate, Groovy Guava and Whisper White and the inks are much the same with the addition of River Rock. I used the Basics Outline jumbo wheel for the main image, this works perfectly on it's own and compliments the Bud Basics Stamp set perfectly too.

This technique is called Spotlighting by the way!

Hosting a Workshop

What is workshop?

A workshop is usually hosted in your home. You invite a number of friends that share a common interest in crafting, whether they are experienced crafters or would simply like to see what is involved. You can have friends, family or colleagues, whomever you would like.
The best workshops are groups of no more than 8-10 but you will find that you need to invite a lot more than this as often people are unable to attend or drop out at the last minute. Experienced demonstrators will be able to cope with large numbers if you find that everyone says ‘yes’!
Your demonstrator will talk you through the process of how the workshop will work and provide you with everything you need to get the ball rolling. The usual format is your demonstrator will talk you and your guests through the Idea Book & Catalogue; possibly explain how the stamps are easily assembled at home. At least one project will then be demonstrated and towards the end you and your guests will have an opportunity to have a go at a project, this is called the Make & Take.
Throughout the workshop the demonstrator will be pleased to answer any questions you or your guests have about Stampin’ Up! And it’s products.

What do you need to do?
All you need to do is invite people in to your home, perhaps provide refreshments and a small quantity of nibbles, nothing fancy, a plate of biscuits will be enough!
You need to maintain contact with your guests and remind them nearer to the date so that when your demonstrator calls , you are able to tell him/her how many guests you are expecting. He/she will need this information to prepare.
It may be an idea to take a copy of the Idea Book & Catalogue, as well as some order forms which your demonstrator will provide, to work or around friends’ houses and possibly collect some outside orders as these will all add to your workshop total which means more benefits for you.
After a workshop your demonstrator will need you to assist him/her in collecting any money for orders that were not paid for at the time of the workshop, a closing date will be set on the day. Within two weeks of the order being placed the products will arrive to you with a list of whose order is whose and you will be responsible for distributing it.

Why host a workshop?
Of course the main reason is to get together with a group of likeminded friends and have a fun 2-3 hours fun! Secondly by hosting a workshop you are able to benefit from a whole host of fantastic freebies – we all like something for free!
When you commit to hosting a workshop your demonstrator will give you a copy of the Idea Book & Catalogue, this is yours to keep. You can increase your workshop total by using this book to collect outside orders before your workshop.
At the end of the workshop your demonstrator will total all the sales of that evening and he/she will inform you of what goodies you qualify for. The table below shows you what you can get. A workshop which takes just $300 (before postage & handling costs)for $50 to spend on any products within the catalogue including the exclusive hostess range.. The benefits grow as your workshop total grows.

If you live in Tasmania and would like to host a workshop, please

and we can discuss details.

Even if you are not in Tasmania you can have a Catalogue Workshop. You simply purchase a copy if the Idea Book & Catalogue and I will send you couple of card samples (so you can see the quality of the products) and some order forms. If you can collect $300 in orders I will refund the cost of the catalogue and you can claim the fantastic Hostess Benefits!

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Would you like to purchase Stampin' Up products?

If you would like to purchase any Stampin' Up! products you can do so, at any time, from me. I always have internet specials on so if you email me you can get details of these.

I can order products for you so long as you have an Australian postal address and they will arrive direct to your doorstep, I cannot ship products overseas.

Browse through the online Idea Book & Catalogue or our current Seasonal Catalogue and write a wish list. You will need to remember to add 5% postage and handling to your total (there is a minimum $5.95 on this).

You can now also order online using the online Store By ordering through here you can take control of your shopping experience, pay for it then and there and have all your products delivered to your door.  Please do contact me though if you have any queries!

Also, don't forget that if your net order total is $300 or above you qualify for at least $50 of free merchandise from anywhere in the catalogue including the exclusive hostess offers.

I can accept payment by cheque, money order, PayPal or credit card.

My role as demonstrator is to ensure that you have the best possible experience with Stampin' Up! , that you purchase the right products for you and you are able to get the most out of everything you buy so please do mail me if you have any questions or would like to advantage of the great Internet Specials I offer on a personal level (this is from me direct, not Stampin' Up!)

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Water Colour Madness

Those that know me will know that I love watercolouring using stamping as the base (mainly because I can't draw!). I am not an expert at it by any means but I really enjoy it. With three boys I spend many an hour waiting around whilst they do their various sports so more recently I have been taking a small tote with me, it has a pad of watercolour paper, some black Stazon, my Stampin' Write marker and the fantastic Aqua Painters.

I just sit myself down and stamp and colour away. There is something so therapeutic about colouring, I used to notice that when I was teaching. I would have this class of unruly 14 year old boys trying to teach them science, when there was a reason for them to sit and colour (not that often!) they used to sit still, they would be quiet and they would concentrate - it was very relaxing compared with them tearing around with pipettes of acid and melting plastic pens in the Bunsen Burner - (I have just reminded myself why I no longer teach....arghhhh)

Anyway, I am rambling now, back to the point...The time passes very quickly when I do this and when one of the boys says "Mummy. did you see that somersault I just did" I find myself lying and saying "Of course I did darling, it was fantastic!"

I often draw a crowd of young kids who ask loads of questions about stamping etc. I really think more children should do it, my boys love it, even the three year old. They can use ordinary card stock, water colour pencils and an aqua painter and there is very little damage they can do, especially if the adult pre-stamps the image for them.

I am most certainly going to be doing this on my long journey to the UK in a few weeks. (I am travelling on my own with the three boys, we have three different planes to get, one journey is a mere 2 hours, one is 9 hours and one is 14 hours - oh the joy of

The issue I have now though is I literally have LOADS of images I have coloured/painted but I have yet to make them in to cards - that is the bit I find the hardest. So here are a few of my images that I did the other night just waiting patiently to be turned in to something special!

These first few are from that most gorgeously cute set Fishy Friends. The fish are just great but the jelly fish and seahorse are pretty special too. I bled over a little on the red jelly fish. i can rectify this but at the time I just left it as there was too much water on the paper as it is. Watercolouring on the proper paper is very forgiving!

I think the seahorses will look lovely with some glitter on them.

these next three are from the Summer by the Sea set. It is such a beautiful set. I am using the little boy and the sandcastle for the Craft Classes i am doing at teh Quilt & Craft fair in Tasmania at the end of June. If you are in Tas at that time, come along and pay just $7 and make a beautiful card using that image!

This final one is from the very lovely Time Well Spent set. this is a level three hostess set . It is so worth getting a group of friends whom you know love crafting together and hosting a workshop to get this beautiful set totally free. if you qualify for this set you also qualify for $120 to spend on anything you like in the catalogue!

If you are in Tas and would like to take advantage of the great hostess benefits available to you or you even would like to know what is involved with being a demonstrator like myself, please email me and I will get back to you promptly with answers to any questions you may have.

Exciting new promotion in it's way!

Just to let you know that throughout the month of may SU! is offering it's customers a chance to purchase books of 6x6 Designer papers for a very reduced price when ordering other SU! products.

Now I won't give you too much detail just now but I can tell you that you won't be disappointed. This size is so handy for both mini scrapbooking and using to make cards - you will not waste a sheet, but if you are like me you may like to just horde pretty papers!

I can tell you there will be 48 sheets in a pack and four beautiful colours (one that is not even available in the main catalogue as designer paper!)

Watch this site for more details!

Monday, 14 April 2008

My One Sheet Wonder...

Well I have been meaning to do this for as long as I can remember so last night I had a go and at 1am I finished! Not a good idea to be this tired at the start of the week!

I assumed a OSW was using a 12x12 sheet but on further investigation it looked like most templates out there are using an A4 sheet which was a bit of an annoyance as I had already decorated my 12x12! So my efforts evolved as time passed and I will have to do a retrospective template for this - so bear/bare (never know which one it is!) with me!

Anyway, I started with a Whisper White 12x12 sheet and randomly stamped it with Bud Basics, using Basic brown, River Rock, Pale Plum and Soft Sky inks.

When I do this next time I shall make sure I actually have a denser covering of the design as once it gets split up in to smaller pieces you get some pieces that really don't have much pattern on then so I found myself adding more stamping to a few of the pieces as I assembled the cards.

Not really knowing how to cut the sheet up I did it this way.

On the whole I used it pretty much as is but I did chop a few pieces down a little more. I shall really have to work out a template that I can easily repeat.


I have just sat and worked out a proper template, it is not perfect but it is good enough!

I have added the measurements (in metric) and numbered them and these correspond to the numbers of the cards in the slideshow below. There are a few little bits that are not numbered, which I did not use but obviously with a bit of creativity you could easily make another card from those, I was kind of over it at the time!

Now out of this template and 2 pieces each of A4 Soft Sky, Chocolate Chip, Whisper White, Pale Plum and River Rock I made 14 separate cards

Other stamp sets I have used include, Fine Lace, Sincere Salutations, Short & Sweet The punches I have used are large and small oval, circles 1 3/8" & 1 1/4", the scallop , the Word Window, Spring Flower Bouquet, and Horizontal Slot. Other accessories include vintage brads and Chocolate Chip ribbon.

*UPDATE (9th Feb 2015)

Slide show seems to no longer work, I couldn't find my original pictures so I have trawled through my old cards and found most of them, being this is more than 6 years on, almost 7 I think that is pretty impressive!  I am missing card 1 but have worked out that if you look at the photo above of them all laid out it is the brown one on the far right third one back, pretty easy design.  Here are the remaining ones.














Please note that I have worked many hours on this and I appreciate that when placing things for the public to see on the internet people are bound to copy, that is fine, I' m happy for people to use this template, that is why I have posted it.

However, if you do copy this template and post it on your website or publish it anyway please do not pass it off as your own work and if possible please link back to my site.

If you are using it at a workshop feel free to say you designed it, we can't have your guests thinking you are anything other than fantastic!!

thank you.

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Gallery By Sets

Copying Protocol

If you copy a card (CASE it) then it is protocol to admit that the work is not entirely yours. You should not use it in competitions, challenges or for publishing. If you know who the person was who you originally CASED the card from then you should mention their name, if you don't then it is still courtesy to admit the card is not entirely your own design. It is usual to change at least one aspect when you CASE a card.

When I post a CASED card in my blog text, I always comment that it is CASED, even if I no longer know who the original designer was. If there is a card in my blog which you believe is your design and I have not acknowledged it, please accept my apologies and if you contact me I will rectify the problem. Please also be aware that it is impossible to be entirely original and people are bound to  independently come up with similar designs.

Cards in my galleries have all come from my blog so although it may not mention it is CASED in the galleries it should be on the blog itself.
  • Galleries removed for updating

My Efforts....

Being at my friends last night is definitely more of a social event than an actual card making event. Sometimes there are jsut a couple of us, sometimes there are 10 of us there and some stitch, some scrap book, some card make and some read craft magazines etc.

There were only four of us last night s it was a quiet little group but I still never produce too much as I am too busy chatting!

However I did manage to put together 3 cards, one of which is a total CASE of one I saw on another site. I will show you this one first.

On the card I cased I am not sure what the background stamp was but I chose the Paisley Background stamp, I stamped on to Whisper White card using River Rock ink. The rest of the stamps come from the Baroque Motifs stamp set, this is one of the rather yummy new ones we have in the new Aussie Catalogue,

The next card is again using the Baroque Motifs set, I chose to use two of the new colours, one is the new In Colour, Groovy Guava and the other is the new neutral colour, Basic Gray. I teamed these two up with Very Vanilla.

I chose Groovy Guava as I wasn't really sure if I like the colour that much but actually once I have used it I do like it. I think perhaps with the way I work and the colours I like it is more of an accent colour rather than a main colour, but that is fine! I am quite pleased with this card.

The final card is using another new stamp set, Bud Basics and two of the new In Colours, River Rock and Soft Sky. It is a great stamp set as it is great for two step stamping and each stamp works well on it's own.

It is a very simple card, very clean and very easy to make but quite pretty. I think I shall use this to make a One Sheet Wonder - watch this space!!

Well I am off sailing now, it will be the first time my husband and my youngest have come with me, I hope they enjoy it!

Saturday, 12 April 2008

2008 In Colours....

Finally today I have had time to see the new In Colours first hand. I was determined to dislike them as I loved the 2007 ones so much and was so sad to see them go......but these are actually really nice and tonight at a friends house I am going to have a go 'creating' with them!

Here they are...

From left to right we have

Purely Pomegranate, Groovy Guava, Blue Bayou, Soft Sky, Wild Wasabi and River Rock

In each colour you can get a Classic Stampin' Pad, and ink refill, A4 card stock, 12 x12 textured card stock and 13.7m of double stitched grosgrain ribbon at 0.95cm wide!

Watch this space to see what I create!

Thursday, 10 April 2008

My Craft Space....

We are really lucky in our house as we have a couple of decent sized spare bedrooms so we have made this one in to our office, we all share it and there is plenty of space.

I have one end of the room, on one wall, opposite the big window, is my desk, computers and printers. This first picture is what it should look like....................

This is what it looks like after an hour or so of working.....

I store my SU! punches in an over the door shoe hanger

I keep all my cardstock in 2 little filing cabinets, there are two colour families in each drawer and each colour has it's own suspension file. The neutrals etc. are in another drawer and my SU! paper work is in the fourth drawer.

So I know at a glance which colour is where I have used the SU! Word Window punch to punch out a piece of the colour and I use it on the top index tabs

To the left of me I have a big cube storage thingy where I keep all my stamps and other crafty things. It is a great way to store things as I can see everything at a glance but I need to put some shelves within some of them as my SU! stamp boxes always fall over if I need the one at the bottom - very frustrating!

To the left of that is a table which was going to be my sewing table but I have turned it over to the kids. I allow them to use my stamping stuff and they have a lot of their own and quite often they come in and make some cards too but it doesn't interfere with my work. I am pleased they enjoy it as having 3 boys and no girls I thought I would spend my life crafting on my own!

Finally, on the right of me is my husbands area, he works for a big internet company so all his work is computer based, as the company was initially British based he has to work British hours as well as Australian so he never really gets any time off. Ideally it would be great to have my own room entirely but it works well like this as we spend a lot of time in here together so can talk about day to day things. We dislike many of each others TV programmes etc, he is rarely around in time to eat with us so it is good that we can share this room.

We have two windows in this room, one is huge and one is the small one by the boys' desk so it is light and airy.

Currently we rent this house but we are in the process of buying it, when it is all settled it will be great to add our own touches to it!