Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Black & White Swap....

Once a month I attend a craft club, it is one which I don't run and it it is any crafts & products, not just SU!

Well this months swap has the theme 'Black and White' so I umm...ed and ahh....ed (as one does!) and decided I would love to use my Appliqué Pen. these are great, you squeeze them on as a cream liquid and then heat emboss it and it all becomes fluffy and white. it is great for a sheep stamp, the froth on a glass of beer etc... Well I thought it would go well with my Like it a Latte set of stamps as the cream on top. So I had a go and this is my final attempt. I added the red heart as I just felt black and white is all well and good but it often look more effective with a tiny splash of colour!

It is only a little card and inside it say 'sending warm thought your way'.

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Anonymous said...

That really is so COOL Lynda. Ummm you got me thinking of an excuse to buy puff up stuff : )