Saturday, 29 March 2008

I may have been quiet ....

but I have been busy!!

I have been trying to come up with some ideas for things to sell at the craft fair I am attending. My main goal is to bring SU! to those that have never met it before and get them to have a go and become addicted as I but i also thought it may be good if I had some bits to sell as well for those that are less keen to try themselves but like and would use, the finished product.

I played about with one of my most favourite sets, Natural beauty and just made 3 little card toppers, people can buy these and add them to any blank card, or even a scrap book page if they would like.

I also thought some packs of little note cards would be quite sweet. these are half the the size of a standard A6 card (is that A7?). I am not sure if AusPost will process them at this size but they fit perfectly in to a C6 envelope if they are placed in opened out and AusPost process that size - so that works!!!

This first set is already packaged up therefore I cannot take a good picture. there are four cards in each pack. these ones have been made with the Green Gable/Lovely Lilac colour scheme using Greetings Galore to make them. they are very simple yet very sweet.

Thhis final lot are yet to be packaged. I have so much In Colour card stock which needs using up that I though I may as well make a start and try and use it up. I have used Buckaroo Blue and Cool Caribbean here. To make some of the backings I made some polished ston from reinkers fo these two colours with silver. I thought the black really emphasied these two colours.

Now although these things have been relatively time consuming, once I have a general formula I can make 3-4 sets up in the same designs and it will be much quicker!

Friday, 28 March 2008

Arghhh we have gone green!

Well I was little bored of the pink so I thought I would try a green look for the website! it is much more restful on the eyes.

Let me know what you think, it is not too late to go back to the pink!

I have also deleted the retired stamp sets and accessories list as every since I put them up the blog has been running so slowly and any changes I make require a huge amount of effort - I am only talking extra seconds here and there but it all adds

If anyone wants to know if a set is still available then please mail me

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Black & White Swap....

Once a month I attend a craft club, it is one which I don't run and it it is any crafts & products, not just SU!

Well this months swap has the theme 'Black and White' so I umm...ed and ahh....ed (as one does!) and decided I would love to use my Appliqué Pen. these are great, you squeeze them on as a cream liquid and then heat emboss it and it all becomes fluffy and white. it is great for a sheep stamp, the froth on a glass of beer etc... Well I thought it would go well with my Like it a Latte set of stamps as the cream on top. So I had a go and this is my final attempt. I added the red heart as I just felt black and white is all well and good but it often look more effective with a tiny splash of colour!

It is only a little card and inside it say 'sending warm thought your way'.

Card Candy....

Now I believe Card Candy is what the Americans refer to as embellishments you can add to a card, in the hope this is right and the fact I like the saying I am going to use that title!!!

I was thinking of creating some 'Card Candy' for the fair I am attending with the intention of selling them off to those that like them and would use them.

I am considering the cost of $3 per pack and each pack will contain one main image and one sentiment. I made up a pack last night just to see how it presented. I haven't perfected the packaging quite yet but the idea is there. What do you guys think? I won't start another poll, comments will be enough!

In this case the main image, in total, is 7.5cm x 7.5cm, the sentiment is the same width but 3.5cm high.

An opinion please....

Well I am trying to organise some make and takes for a fair I am involved in, I will be charging around $6 to those that book to take part in one of the classes.

I have been playing with a few ideas although cannot finalise them until I am able to order from the new catalogue (not long to wait now stampers!)

I need to work on at least 3 different colour ways just so that I have enough pens for water colouring etc and people aren't waiting about to use something (there will be up to 15 people in each class). I once went on a course where there were just 3 ink pads between 30 of us and one of each stamp - I was ready to kill someone by the end as if you had the ink, you didn't have the stamp - very, very frustrating!

Here are a couple of ideas I have used using the Summer By the Sea set of stamps.

I would really appreciate you guys if you could leave some comment and say whether you like them and whether you would spend $6 learning how to create one of these cards (and of course create it and take it away with you at the end!)

So far I have only made it in 2 colour ways, I am working on the third!

This first one is just a square card with a normal side opening. The colours are Not Quite Navy and Old Olive. As yet I haven't put a sentiment on it. The holes are not punched around the side, I used a pen to make 'faux' holes, only because it would be too hard to supply enough paper piercers and mats for every one to have one or at least not wait too long to use one.

The colouring on these are not as strong as they will be, the reason is I have only just ordered this stamp set and do not have it myself so these images were stamped on to Whisper White card stock by a friend and although it is fine for water colouring on, to achieve the really intense colouring I like I need to be able to stamp it on to watercolour paper. Once I receive my set of stamps I will be able to do this!

This is the second colour way, Ruby Red and Creamy Caramel I also chose to make it open in a different way as this may add a little more interest to what is, in reality, a very simple little card.

I have just put together this third one, the colours here are very 'seasidey', the are real Red and Ballet Blue. I used the crayons to colour this in and that gave a much more intense colour on the Whisper White card stock.

Things like the ribbons etc may well change when I order from the new catalogue. I am simply working with what I have right now.

Please do let me know what you think. I have managed to add a poll to the top of the site so please vote, it will only take a second!!

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

New catalgue is out.....

but not for public viewing.........

I can't show you anything in it as yet, because if I did I would have to kill you - yes it is that top secret!!!!!

I can say though, there are some exciting new accessories in there, some of the great stamp sets which were in the minis last year have returned but I am sad, so very, very sad...

Stem Silhouettes is NOT in there. I was so hoping it would be, almost convinced, it was the first red-rubber stamp set we had that was die cut, I figured it just had to be in the new catalogue as I heard SU! were phasing in die cut stamps. Not to mention the fact that everyone that sees it just loves it!

So now I have lost In Full Bloom, Seaside Sketches and Stem Silhouettes and I have to find another stamp set to do my brayered skies with....

I have put together my wish list and it is still pretty sizeable so I will have to work hard to earn the pennies to buy everything I want!

Just remember to come back here often but especially on in 12 days time when I will put a link up to the new catalogue. Also remember Stem Silhouettes is still available until the end of this month so if you want it you'll have to get is sooner rather than later. If you live in Australia, just contact me ( and I can arrange for it to be delivered to your door!

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Raffle....Important Please Read

Writing the previous post about my beautiful little boy, Thomas, I was reminded of something I started the other week with my colleague Claire which I have not pursued.

We started a raffle to raise money for the neonatal care unit at our local hospital. We knew Thomas would be early and we had assumed he would go directly into neonatal care, we never suspected he would die before birth, it was a total shock. Our tragedy happened whilst we lived in the UK but I know it happens to people all over the world and now I live in Hobart the money raised will go to Hobart Neonatal Unit at the Royal.

The raffle consists of a set of

  • Stampin' Spots in the colour family Rich Regals
  • The versatile Stamp Set Simple Somethings
  • 6 Whisper White cards with envelopes, 6 Very Vanilla Cards with envelopes.
  • 6 white and 6 cream squares which are cut to fit the stamp set perfectly
  • 1 square of each of the Rich Regals colours (12 in total) which is cut to fit as a background layer to the previously mentioned square.

This means there is enough in the pack to make 12 cards and after these cards are made you have 12 ink spots and one stamp set to use on other projects.

For any demonstrators out there if you won this you could use it yourself or as a gift for a hostess, break it up into door prizes or even raffle it again for your own good cause!!

Due to postal costs I can only offer this raffle to those in Australia. The raffle will be drawn by an independent person on the 30th April so please, please, please help this worth cause!

So if you live in Australia and would like to win this raffle and help me raise money for this VERY important cause, then please contact me. Raffle tickets are $2 each or 6 for $12, I can accept payment by money order or direct bank transfer.

Feeling glum....

Well I guess this post is a little different from my usual, I am just feeling a little low today and not very inspired. It is funny how you long for a day to yourself and when I get it I miss my boys so much!

I keep thinking of my 3rd son, Thomas. He was born in October 2002, he died whilst I was in premature labour. Everyday he is missed, I can't always talk about him, people don't like to listen so often I have to keep him to myself. I read a poem today that someone posted on a website I run for bereaved parents and for some reason it has really made me sad and miss him more than ever. I hope you don't mind me sharing it with you. I changed a couple of words as the poem was originally written for the first born child, Thomas was my third.

Netzah Eternity

Could I have died so soon?
So soon that my cries were silenced in your womb?
So soon that I'll never touch your breast,
nor feel your hands caress my brow?

So soon that you never got to sigh and cry
Sweet tears of joy,
For your third child,
Your third born boy?

Could I have died so soon?

I suspect not.
For I felt the passion
Of your love around me
As my heartbeats slowed,
Then stopped.

As I lay motionless,
I heard the misery
In your cries that
I would not be born alive

And wondered, why?

Yesterday father, you fathered me.
Today dear mother, you birthed me.
I was there, You were there.
We all stood witness.

I heard your whispers,
That you love me.
I heard you tell each other
How beautiful I was viewed
In my eternal quietude.

I even felt your soft caress
As you held me to your breast.

On this morn, mourn not for me.
With ethereal grace I have a name.
I have a home, I have a life...
To live through all eternity.

I am sorry to be so sad today - it is so silly really. I shall try and distract myself now but before that I will make another post!

Lynda x

Sunday, 16 March 2008

Stamp Club...

Last night I held a Stamp Club, each person that comes pays just $10, I teach them a new technique, or have a theme and help them to make 2 cards (and we have a good old natter!) It is great as it gives the attendees the chance to 'play' with all sorts of stamp sets and accessories without having to buy anything and walk away with two cards which they can use however and whenever they want - great value for money!

Well last night we attempted a technique called Faux Silk, it basically uses tissue paper to make a silk like effect on the card stock. It came up really well and I was very pleased with everyone's results, I think they were proud of themselves too!

These are the cards I made and they copied them with any alterations they felt like making!

This first card is using the leaf stamps from the Lovely as a Tree set (such an amazingly versatile set!), the colour combination is Creamy Caramel, Chocolate Chip, Ruby Red and Very Vanilla. The holes were pierced to show how adding a few holes here and there can lift a card, I then turned them in to faux stitching, again to merely show the ladies how to do it! The card kind of evolved as we went along!

The second card was used using one of my most favourite sets, In Full Bloom. I am not even close to recovering from the shock of this set being retired, it really is one of THE best sets in the catalogue, it can be used so many different ways and suit so many different occasions, I am so sad!

Saturday, 15 March 2008

Brayering Stamp Camp!

Myself and Claire are holding a Brayering Stamp Camp on Sunday 20th April. The cost of the course is $60 but that includes a Kaleidscope Spectrum ink pad and a brayer* which are yours to keep at the end of the day!

If you want to see the kind of things you could be making here are some samples. Claire will show you how to make some scrap pages using brayering techniques, of course if you are a card maker you can adapt these to cards or even make a 12 x12 background and cut it up to make cards from.

Both these layouts started with a 12 x 12 sheet of Whisper White card stock, you have to agree the brayering techniques have really transformed these! If scrabooking is not your thing and you prefer to make cards them Claire will show you how you can use one transformed whisper white scrapbook page to create some truly cool cards, kust like the ones below

From this...

to this........

With myself, you will get the opportunity to use your spectrum pad and some glossy cardstock to make two cute little gift boxes, you can choose your template and stamps and I will show you how to get different effects!

I will also show you a technique called 'Brayered Skies', where by using a a few similar coloured ink pads you can make a stunning sky effect. As i am ot sure entirely what stamp sets will be in the new catalogue I have played safe and used Lovely as a Tree for this first card, I know this set will be in the new catalgue.

I have also put together these two card which are basically the same. The card on the left is totally cased from a card which was posted last year by another Australian SU! Demonstrator, Alisa Tilsner, who cased the idea from another excellent stamp artist, Michelle Zindorf. The only thing different is the colour scheme. The one on the right is different but oviously follows the exact same principles. The stamp set used here is Stem Silhouettes, this is in the current Summer Catalogue (which is still available until the end of March!). I am sooo hoping it ends up in the main catalogue as often popular sets from the minis do reappear in the main catalogue. Everyone cross their fingers!

So these cards and pages may well make you decide you would like to join our Stamp Camp, well of course you can so long as spaces haven't filled. I know there are a few left so if you live in the Hobart area, would like some new craft equipment and tuition on how to use it (go on, own up, how many of us have item in our craft kit we have forgotten, or indeed never knew, how to use it?!!) contact me to sign up!

*If you already have a brayer but would still like to come along then we can offer a discount on the course fee.

Monday, 10 March 2008

Just 3 Weeks to Go & Free Postage!

As the title says, only 3 weeks to go until the retired sets will no longer be available! There are some fantastic sets in the list which I am so sorry to see go!

Some of my most favourite ones are going, In Full Bloom, Seaside Sketches, Kanji, Favourite Teddy Bear, Sleighful of Toys not to mention the hostess sets!!! Some of these retired sets I cannot even bring myself to sell as I love them so much but after the 1st April I will put up a list of sets I will have for sale with a set, non-negotiable price with first come first served!

So don;t forget to check out the list, I am keeping it as updated as humanly possible and if there are any sets you would like to get before time runs out then please do contact me and I can place an order for you so lng as you live somewhere within Australia!

Remember I will offer free postage on all items ordered from the retired list before 1st April!

Fishy Friends

I have always loved this stamp set but by the time I had saved enough to get it I was nervous about buying it in case it became a retired set and I would not then be able to use it in any demos, but it has not featured on the Retired Stamp List so I finally got it!

All the little sea creatures are so adorable, I think I am going to have fun with this set! It lends itself greatly to watercolouring which I love, in fact it is my fave technique! The only 'bubbly' kind of background I have got is the Seeing Spots set, I do like the effect it gives. The colours I have used are Bordering Blue and Always Artichoke, both from the Rich Regals colour family. I stamped the fish on to watercolour paper, you should be able to get a similar effect with Whisper White but you cannot add the markers directly to the image as I did, you would have to use a pallette, use ink from the pad , the pastels, watercolour pencils or crayons. Whatever medium you use the watercolour effect will be very similar!

I also got the chance to try out my new toy which is a little cutter set, as well as having a mini rotary cutter, perforater and scorer, it has a seven sided distressing tool which allows you to 'scuff' up the edge of the card without damaging your nails - it is fab, a definite must for your craft box. I was wondering whether you would be able to take it on a plane, I am guessing not, as if you broke the plastic surrounding it you would have a potential weapon, does anyone know?

Sunday, 9 March 2008

Stamp Camp!

Myself and my esteemed colleague, Claire, (the Dynamic Duo) are holding another Stamp Camp after the great success of the one we held in February!

This one is a slightly different format, it is a 'Brayering Camp'. Our aim is to take the mystery and, dare I say, the fear out of the brayer. It is such a versatile tool for your craft box, in fact, it is a 'must have' item!

The cost of the day is $60 and with that you get to keep your Stampin Up! 'Speedball' Brayer and a Spectrum Ink Pad, plus you will take home at least four projects you have made during the day. Of course it will also be an ideal opportunity to view the new catalogue (how ready are we for this?!) and perhaps play with some of the new stamp sets and accessories that will be available!

So if you are in or about the Hobart area on the 20th April, please contact me ASAP to book your spot! Spaces are filling fast!

Watch this spot for some photos of the fantastic things you will be creating!

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

I know, I know....

I have been incredibly slack! My mum has been here and I have tried to spend as much time with her as possible as she lives 11000 miles away usually. We had a great 5 weeks but now she is back in the UK so I feel a little sad as my husband is also over there on business so I am lonely! At least I cannot say I am bored as I don't think that is possible with 3 lively boys to look after!

Needing some female company I have a group of girl friends coming over on Friday night so we can have a 'crafty' evening. Everyone is just bringing whatever craft they wish to do whether it be stamping, embroidery or just reading but the main thing is we can chat and eat chocolate and maybe drink some wine (I did buy a Frothie today though so perhaps we will just have hot chocolate!!)

I am currently spending my Wednesday afternoons at my sons' school making 'polished stone' boxes with the grade 2s! I find it astonishing that in a group of just four boys I can show them, explain to them, repeat the instructions and get them to repeat them and they still don't do it correctly - it is so exasperating but it is also great to see their little faces light up when they have created something. They are using their efforts to make a little flower favour box to fill with a special chocolate for mummy for Easter.

Anyway I best go as I desperately need my beauty sleep!!

Lynda x

ps I am keeping the Retiring Lists up-to-date although there has been little change in them for some days.