Saturday, 16 February 2008

Notepad and pencil...

Today we were due out this morning but my eldest decided that despite plenty of opportunities he was still not going to tidy his room, so I blew a gasket and told him he couldn't go out (of course that meant that neither could I - it was the principal So why everyone else is out enjoying the sunshine I am stuck at home, saying every five minutes "have you finished yet?" and he is procrastinating and not achieving much!

I decided to tidy my work area and came across some notepads I bought a few weeks back, here in Tas we have a shop called Chickenfeed, some of the stuff in their is a bit cheap and nasty but some of the stuff is just great, really useful things at fantastic prices.

To cut a long story short, I bought a stack of pads from in there the other days, it is about $2 for 10 pads, they are 7.5 x 12.5 cm in dimensions, not expensive paper and each pad is about 0.5cm deep. All ten pads are stick together when you purchase them.

Well seeing these pads made me realise that instead of tidying I could actually create (I am as bad as my son!). So using some card left over from the inside of a new school shirt, I cut 2 pieces 8.5 x 13cm and one piece 8.5 x 1cm. I stuck these down on a piece of 12 x 12 designer series paper in the order of one long piece, the small piece and then the final long piece. I trimmed around the outside edges and glued these over. I then cut out a narrower strip of coordinating paper to line the inside. I broke off two of the small pads and glued those inside and 'hey presto' I had made a little notepad holder.

I should have taken photos of each step, but I was on a roll and forgot, hopefully you can work it from the retrospective photos. I had some round pencils so I cut a small strip of DS paper and using glue adhered it round the pencil. I am not sure if the pencil will sharpen very well, it may have to go in the bigger size hole you get with dual sharpeners (such as the Stampin' Up! one). I also stamped an image using the Heartfelt Thanks stamps in Mellow Moss and Cranberry crisp, backed them and adhered it to the front of the holder.

Of course no gift is finished until you have made a gift bag to go with it, so I made one of those too, again using coordinating DS paper, some eyelets and Burgundy grosgrain ribbon.

In the time it has taken me to do all the my son has still NOT finished tidying his room and is still in his PJs!!! Better go off and yell some more!!

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