Sunday, 17 February 2008

A new technique to try!

Well I was browsing the internet, as one does, yesterday, looking at all the incredibly cards people can make (I actually find it all a bit overwhelming - some people are just so darn clever!). Anyway I happened upon a technique called Faux Wood and it seemed pretty easy.

I quickly read various different ways of achieving the look , grabbed what I had and headed off to my friend Sarah's house.

Sarah used to own a scrapping shop in town but after leaving she decided to maintain contact with her customers by holding regular craft night at her home on a monthly basis. It is great as you get to spend time with other crafters. I probably achieve less when I am there than I would at home but just being out of the house and amongst friends is fantastic! (There was a rather lovely 6 wk old baby boy there as well and now I feel soooo broody!)

Anyway, I am rambling on and not getting any The long and short of it is that I had a go at this technique and it is so easy it worked first time. My mum wants me to show her so I will do that probably this evening and try and take some photos of each stage and put them up on here, if not today then I will do it soon!

I thought the finished effect would go well with the Long Time Friend stamp I used the other day. I shall be so sad when this one is retired at the end of March- I hope it comes out in the new catalogue in April. If you like this stamp set then get your orders in now as they may no longer be available. You can of course contact me and don't forget that I am offering free postage on all orders made through the website.


Laura said...

I think you have done an amazing job colouring this one. It looks beautiful! :)

Lynda Moss said...

Thank you Laura,

I really love this set as it is so much fun to colour and each time you do it, it looks different from the last.

Lynda x