Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Sorry, been a bit quiet...

Hi, sorry for being AWOL recently, my mum has just arrived fromt he Uk so it has been abit hectic, but since her jet lag is easing we have been playing a lot with cards in the evenings so I have lots of goodies to share with you.

I am very excited as my mum has bought the scallop punch over with her, I love this used on cards I have seen from the US and Canada but us here in Aus seem to have missed out. I am really hoping it arrives in our new catalogue due in April (not long to wait now.....)

She also bought a crop-o-dile over with her which looks very intriguing. I have to say the instructions that come with it are sorely lacking but after having a play, a little twiddle here and there I think I have it sussed! It looks a very useful tool for punching holes and for setting rivets etc. Again I am keeping my fingers crossed that these also show up in our new catalogue.

We spent yesterday evening getting ready for the Stamp Camp on Saturday, my colleague, Claire, is scaring me as she sounds sooo organised and I am not at all so I really need to get my finger out! I even need to bake some cakes and biscuits for morning tea and that in itself is enough to give me sleepless

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