Monday, 7 January 2008

Polished Stone

Well this is the last post of today as I have to feed the kids and then I am off to watch the tennis! Not on TV I am actually going to watch the live Moorilla Hobart International! I have a few tickets to go this week so shall be supping wine in the Sunshine (of course given the climate changes we have here within just one hour, it could easily be rain, hail, gale force winds!!!!).

I wanted to share with you my first ever attempts at the technique 'polished stone'. I am holding a Stamp Camp with a fellow Stampin' Up! demonstrator, Claire, one of the things she is doing is this technique so I thought it may be good if I tried too!

It is sooooo simple yet incredibly effective. All you need is some rubbing alcohol, such as Isocol which you can get from the first aid area in Woolworths, some reinkers, at least one metallic one, some glossy card and some cotton wool!

Well my first problem is that I didn't have any metallic re-inkers so I tried the technique using metallic ink pads directly onto the card, so if you don't have a metallic re-inker, all is not lost!

  • Firstly, drop a few drops of metallic re-inker on to the glossy card randomly (or pat your ink pad over it so a fair amount of ink is released).
  • Next soak a cotton wool ball in rubbing alcohol and drop a few drops of one colour re-inker in one 'corner' and the same colour again in the opposite corner. Use another colour in the remaining two corners
  • Randomly blot your cotton wool ball (ink side down!) all over your glossy card until you get the look you like. Put it aside for a time to dry (or use a heat tool to accelerate this process.
  • You'll be amazed at the results, the metallic colour really makes it shimmer and with the glossy surface it truly does look like polished stone. The beauty of this you can make gorgeous back grounds which will match your card stock perfectly. You will also find you don't get the same look twice which can be good (or frustrating but we shall try and be positive and stick with the 'good'!)

Here are my attempts but you will see that it is hard to truly capture the texture with a camera.

This first one Copper-Vintage Violet-Marigold Morning

This one is Gold-Cranberry Crips-True Thyme

This one is Silver-Cool Caribbean-Mariogold Morning

This one is Silver-Vintage Violet-Buckaroo Blue

This one is Gold-Buckaroo Blue-Cool Caribbean

You would have noticed that all the re-inkers I have are the 'In Colour' range, but they do work beautifully with each other. I am currently awaiting the re-inkers in the Soft Subtles range and can't wait to play with those!

ps. be aware, the metallic colour 'sits' on top of the card and does rub off on your hands and is easily transferred (I can say this safely as I look at the gold keys on my keyboard!) If you wipe the card you will lose the effect so if it is going to be used to make a box or something that is going to be handled a lot I do recommend sealing it with a fixative spray or perhaps even hairspray.

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