Wednesday, 30 January 2008

My efforts....

My progress has been slow as whilst trying to make cards I have been showing my mum where things are in the craft room so she can help herself, of course the boys are still on holiday and want to spend time with grandma, they love crafting and make constant demands so I have to stop every two minutes to show them what to do, where something is or simply offer advice but I am not moaning as it is lovely to share this with them. I don;t have any daughters so I love it that my boys enjoy crafting with me.

Anyway, here are my efforts. I have been trying to put together some cards using masking so these can be shown as examples of what you can achieve if you would like...

The first couple are children's cards. I wasn't really sure where I was going with this card made from the Wild About You set, but in the end it turned out really well and with the addition of some 'googily' eyes it really makes it fun, I really love this card!

What also made it more fun was making it so that the the lions mane and face were raised up with Stampin' Dimensionals and the elephants ear too.

This next one 'evolved' and I tried to use as many garish colours as possible. The masking was quite good fun, as first I had to stamp the lid, mask it and then use the stamp-a-ma-jig to place the jar. I then made about 6 masks for the jelly beans (I cut them all out at the same time by layering the masking paper, it saves time and effort) It is not perfect and there are errors, but it is a hand made card and this happens - a lot! I just showed this card to mey three year old and he said "I want to eat that"!

This next one I used an idea I saw on another card posted on SCS. I cannot remember the name of the person that did it, but I would love to be able to think 'out of the box' as well as she can! It is using one fo the hearts from Happy Hearts upside down and masked to give a layering effect making the scoops of ice cream and then using the Christmas tree from Hoiday Spirit inverted to make an ice cream cone and even more cunning is using one of the baubles from that set to make the cherry on top! Such a fun idea and here is my interpretation of it.

My final effort is, like the jelly beans, showing that you can cut more than one mask out at the same time which is of great benefit, especially if it is fiddly (I know some people like cutting out, but personally I really do not like it!) This was made using the Looks Like Spring set which is such a versatile set.

So there you go, we managed to achieve quite a lot in the end!!!

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Mae said...

Hi Lynda

Your cards as usual look great! It must be so much fun having your mum here and the fact that you can both keep on stamping together and now chat "Stampin' Up!" is even more fun I am sure!