Saturday, 26 January 2008

A little visitor...

Well yesterday after my mammoth tidying up session which spread from the office to the entire house, resulted in our hoover deciding not to work - AGAIN! We got the all singing, all dancing Electrolux bagless twin self cleaning filter, that even makes you coffee -oh yes indeed;) but the bloomin' thing is driving me nuts. This is our 5th or 6th one laready as initially we got a faulty batch and worked our way through that but now it stops working and tells you that you need to clean the filters, but we have - we washed the darn things. Anyway I washed them again and as I had to leave them to dry I decided to take a break and play on my DS!

Well I have More Brain Training on it and once I have achieved my rocket speed on a couple of things I have a game of Germ Buster - so addictive! Well I was merrily sitting on my bed playing when I heard some kookaburras, which I admit, in itself is not entirely exciting.....but they were so loud, louder than I had heard before so I lifted my eyes from my game and looked out of my window and lo and behold staring straight back at me were two of them. They were right on my balcony. I even opened the doors and they just looked at me, they are so confident! I did wonder if I was about to witness a live showing of Alfred Hitchock's 'The Birds' with me as the screaming blond victim! I was quite unnerved by the confidence of these birds! Anyway, I got my camera and took a picture of one of them, so I thought I would share it with you.

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