Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Hah I did it!!!!

"what?, what?" I hear you ask.. well it is really not that exciting but I have finally managed to add a slide show of my cards on to the the website. I do try and keep the galleries up-to-date but it takes time and invariably something goes wrong, gets deleted and I have to start again, at least this way I can keep one thing current!!!

On another 'achievement' note I have started tidying my 'creative space', we all now that means I am in the midst of more mess than I was before I started!! Well part of my tidying has been to decide that my laptop pooter drives me mad, when it is on the shelf to get it out of my way, my neck hurts looking up at the screen,, but when I bring it down it takes up my workspace and cables are everywhere etc.. .basically the unsatisfactory set-up was not conducive to my working environment (wow that sounds good!).

To cut a long story short I managed to locate a few things from around the house, I found a docking station for my laptop, a flat screen panel, a keyboard, a mouse and somehow, don't ask me how, I have set them all up, it all works and I have a much better arrangement, I have the screen on a lower shelf, the docking station is off the desk and even provides a nice little place for my colour printer to sit and all I have on my desk is a keyboard that tucks away nicely and of course my mini mouse - don't you just love it when plan comes together? (Is that from the A-Team - boy am I really showing my age!)

Now I need to get off my pooter and continue tidying and when I have finished I shall post a picture of my newly organised creative space. Now I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for this as it may take some time.......


Nicki B said...

You're a clever girl Linda! The slideshow looks good. Glad you've got your creative space ergonomically into shape, can't have you craning your neck and stopping you from being creative! I enjoy reading your blog!

LoopyLyndaLou said...

Thanks NIcki, my overhaul has been very slow, I have managed to get way laid by an awful lot of things, but I am still working in it!