Wednesday, 30 January 2008

My efforts....

My progress has been slow as whilst trying to make cards I have been showing my mum where things are in the craft room so she can help herself, of course the boys are still on holiday and want to spend time with grandma, they love crafting and make constant demands so I have to stop every two minutes to show them what to do, where something is or simply offer advice but I am not moaning as it is lovely to share this with them. I don;t have any daughters so I love it that my boys enjoy crafting with me.

Anyway, here are my efforts. I have been trying to put together some cards using masking so these can be shown as examples of what you can achieve if you would like...

The first couple are children's cards. I wasn't really sure where I was going with this card made from the Wild About You set, but in the end it turned out really well and with the addition of some 'googily' eyes it really makes it fun, I really love this card!

What also made it more fun was making it so that the the lions mane and face were raised up with Stampin' Dimensionals and the elephants ear too.

This next one 'evolved' and I tried to use as many garish colours as possible. The masking was quite good fun, as first I had to stamp the lid, mask it and then use the stamp-a-ma-jig to place the jar. I then made about 6 masks for the jelly beans (I cut them all out at the same time by layering the masking paper, it saves time and effort) It is not perfect and there are errors, but it is a hand made card and this happens - a lot! I just showed this card to mey three year old and he said "I want to eat that"!

This next one I used an idea I saw on another card posted on SCS. I cannot remember the name of the person that did it, but I would love to be able to think 'out of the box' as well as she can! It is using one fo the hearts from Happy Hearts upside down and masked to give a layering effect making the scoops of ice cream and then using the Christmas tree from Hoiday Spirit inverted to make an ice cream cone and even more cunning is using one of the baubles from that set to make the cherry on top! Such a fun idea and here is my interpretation of it.

My final effort is, like the jelly beans, showing that you can cut more than one mask out at the same time which is of great benefit, especially if it is fiddly (I know some people like cutting out, but personally I really do not like it!) This was made using the Looks Like Spring set which is such a versatile set.

So there you go, we managed to achieve quite a lot in the end!!!

So what have we been doing....

Well first of all I will share the cards my mum has made. I set her a task to use the Favourite teddy bear stamp set to demonstrate masking and watercolouring and here is her final result.

As my eldest son said "Grandma you have completed your challenge successfully" - nice to have such praise from a nine year old I am sure!

The next challenge was for her to copy one of the cards on this months Impressions which I think she did a great job with!

An finally... I just let her have a play and despite the fact she thinks she cannot watercolour....I think she can! It is great to have someone here to bounce ideas off of and to share ideas and learn new things too!

Sorry, been a bit quiet...

Hi, sorry for being AWOL recently, my mum has just arrived fromt he Uk so it has been abit hectic, but since her jet lag is easing we have been playing a lot with cards in the evenings so I have lots of goodies to share with you.

I am very excited as my mum has bought the scallop punch over with her, I love this used on cards I have seen from the US and Canada but us here in Aus seem to have missed out. I am really hoping it arrives in our new catalogue due in April (not long to wait now.....)

She also bought a crop-o-dile over with her which looks very intriguing. I have to say the instructions that come with it are sorely lacking but after having a play, a little twiddle here and there I think I have it sussed! It looks a very useful tool for punching holes and for setting rivets etc. Again I am keeping my fingers crossed that these also show up in our new catalogue.

We spent yesterday evening getting ready for the Stamp Camp on Saturday, my colleague, Claire, is scaring me as she sounds sooo organised and I am not at all so I really need to get my finger out! I even need to bake some cakes and biscuits for morning tea and that in itself is enough to give me sleepless

Saturday, 26 January 2008

Noo sleep......

well it is working it's way towards midnight and someone in our area is having a party, I think they are across the little valley but as we are high up and bush the sound is reverberating around, I can hear every beat! It sounds like real teen music (ie bloody awful dance stuff!) so my hopes of a midnight finish may be dashed. Us old fogeys have had it by them or we are too tight to pay the babysitter after midnight!!

My mum is arriving in the morning all the way from the UK, we haven't seen her since June last year so we are looking forward to her arrival. She has recently become a SU! demonstrator in the UK which is great. She is very good so if you are in the UK and would like to purchase products, or you are interested in being a demonstrator, let me know and I can put you in touch with her. She has been stamping and making cards for years so knows her stuff!

Just for moment then I thought they were on the slow dances but sadly not - it's going to be a long night!!!!

It is now morning, the music actually went off not long after midnight so all was good. Of course when I woke this morning I realised what a bay humbug I was being as after all it was Australia Day - so all is forgiven! I wish the English were as patriotic on St Georges Day (23rd April!)

Continuing on in the heart theme.....

Myself and another SU! demonstrator are holding a Stamp Camp on the 2nd Feb, sadly this appears to be the weekend where everyone is either moving house or getting married so take up has not been what we had hoped for so we have cancelled our hall booking and are moving it to my house. Hopefully we will have a bigger event when the new Catalogue comes out.

Even so there will still be 12 people so not all is lost! We splitting the group in two and will teach each group 2 techniques each, Claire is concentrating on backgrounds, polished stone and faux linen whilst i am looking at masking and water colouring.

I thought I would look at hearts as part of the masking as then our guests will be able to make a valentines card for their significant other if they wanted to. I really like the card heart I made a while back so thought I would use that idea but rather than stamping out and then cutting and sticking, we could achieve the overlap look by masking. It actually worked well although I don;t like it to be totally flat so I cut out and stick on one focus heart. On the first card I used Crystal Effects to make the 3D heart stand out even more, but in fact it actually changed to colour from Ruby Red to orange and no longer matches, so I will have to take it off and put another one on.

So these are 3 of my attempts, I will also have to do some other samples so that people can see how masking can be used in other ways.

The card stock used here is Creamy Caramel, Ruby Red and Very vanilla, with the same colour inks used.

Obviously this is the same layout card but using different colours. The colours here are Real Red, Basic Black and Whisper White. I masked of part of the Wonderful Words stamps so the Whisper White Craft pad only inked the central part. To do this I used some sticky notes on each side and when the stamp was inked I pulled them off before stamping down. With any other colour I would have either used a Stampin' Spot to accurately ink the stamp or even better, a Stampin' Write Marker. I have ot say I really like this card and may well use this for my husband on the assumption he doesn't read this site so therefore won't know!!

And this little card was a bit of fun really, I just LOVE the Cool Caribbean in this years In Colour and will be VERY sad if it is discontinued completely. It looks so great with Green Galore. Initially I made my 3D heart in Cool Caribbean but I felt it might look more fun if I just swapped it over with a pink heart and actually it looked fine!

I used a Green galore Stampin' Write marker to ink up the text stamp from Lots of Thoughts (one of the Sale-a-Bration sets!) and also to rule on a border. It is a very simple card, but it was very late and I wanted my bed!

Getting ready for Valentines Day...

The other day I thought I really ought to do something with the Stampin' Up! Designer Series papers that I got ages ago. I am not a huge scrapbooker although I am beginning to see the I thought I would use them to make a card.

In the end I did make two cards, I did use two bits of DS paper, although they were rather small! -I went for more of the 'country' look in these and adopted a little origami (don't get too excited, I mean a little!)

so here are my two efforts, I would like to point out that in the first one I did some stitching, real stitching using a needle and a piece of linen thread. This happens rarely so please be impressed with

The DS paper used is from the Recollections range, in this card I used Natural Ivory CS as a base, with Mellow Moss and Cranberry Crisp CS for layering. I also used th very versatile Warm Words stamp set.

Basically it is the colour schemes used here although muddled about a bit and of course the same stamp set, but I also added the Weathered background stamp as after completing the first card I felt it looked a little too bare in the background.

A little visitor...

Well yesterday after my mammoth tidying up session which spread from the office to the entire house, resulted in our hoover deciding not to work - AGAIN! We got the all singing, all dancing Electrolux bagless twin self cleaning filter, that even makes you coffee -oh yes indeed;) but the bloomin' thing is driving me nuts. This is our 5th or 6th one laready as initially we got a faulty batch and worked our way through that but now it stops working and tells you that you need to clean the filters, but we have - we washed the darn things. Anyway I washed them again and as I had to leave them to dry I decided to take a break and play on my DS!

Well I have More Brain Training on it and once I have achieved my rocket speed on a couple of things I have a game of Germ Buster - so addictive! Well I was merrily sitting on my bed playing when I heard some kookaburras, which I admit, in itself is not entirely exciting.....but they were so loud, louder than I had heard before so I lifted my eyes from my game and looked out of my window and lo and behold staring straight back at me were two of them. They were right on my balcony. I even opened the doors and they just looked at me, they are so confident! I did wonder if I was about to witness a live showing of Alfred Hitchock's 'The Birds' with me as the screaming blond victim! I was quite unnerved by the confidence of these birds! Anyway, I got my camera and took a picture of one of them, so I thought I would share it with you.

Thursday, 24 January 2008

Still tidying.....

Need I say

Giving up for now though as I am taking 5 boys to the beach - on my own - I need my bumps felt!!!!!!!!!!! (just like to state that only 3 of them are actually 'mine'!)

ps. It's great to get comments in, makes my day! Thanks everyone!

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Hah I did it!!!!

"what?, what?" I hear you ask.. well it is really not that exciting but I have finally managed to add a slide show of my cards on to the the website. I do try and keep the galleries up-to-date but it takes time and invariably something goes wrong, gets deleted and I have to start again, at least this way I can keep one thing current!!!

On another 'achievement' note I have started tidying my 'creative space', we all now that means I am in the midst of more mess than I was before I started!! Well part of my tidying has been to decide that my laptop pooter drives me mad, when it is on the shelf to get it out of my way, my neck hurts looking up at the screen,, but when I bring it down it takes up my workspace and cables are everywhere etc.. .basically the unsatisfactory set-up was not conducive to my working environment (wow that sounds good!).

To cut a long story short I managed to locate a few things from around the house, I found a docking station for my laptop, a flat screen panel, a keyboard, a mouse and somehow, don't ask me how, I have set them all up, it all works and I have a much better arrangement, I have the screen on a lower shelf, the docking station is off the desk and even provides a nice little place for my colour printer to sit and all I have on my desk is a keyboard that tucks away nicely and of course my mini mouse - don't you just love it when plan comes together? (Is that from the A-Team - boy am I really showing my age!)

Now I need to get off my pooter and continue tidying and when I have finished I shall post a picture of my newly organised creative space. Now I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for this as it may take some time.......

Monday, 21 January 2008

Trapezoid Treat Box

As I seem to spend my life in catch up mode I though why should I today, Monday, I did the Friday 3D challenge from SCS! No one else had entered so I though they appreciate an entry even it was 3 days late!!!

It is a very sweet box although I found the base didn't have enough card overlap to get a good fixing so I may have to adapt the template in future occasions.

Again it is a very small box but big enough to contain a few rather yummy treats!

The card stock is Whisper White, sponged with basic brown,, the stamp set used was In Full Bloom and very roughly water coloured using the watercolour pencils. As the stamp design is quite sketchy there was no real point in being overly accurate with the painting I figured.

The bee has been cut out and adhered using my fave, Stampin' Dimensionals!

I am feeling a little spent out today as I have had to go and top up the boys' school uniforms and of course it is not cheap. They didn't have the size blazer I needed for the eldest so I have to go and get it next week, it is going to cost $200 - ouch!!!!! Tomorrow it is new school shoes, last week it was stationary and text books - this education lark is not cheap! I guess I shall have to keep stamping and

ooh, by the way, I would love some feedback on the Stamp-a-ma-jig tutorial, please leave a comment on that post or mail me. It makes sense to me but then I know what I am doing, if it is not clear I can always edit it.

OK, I am off to have a look at the Monday SCS challenge and see if I can do that on time and if not I shall update my albums! I need to move myself to the garage once more as the kids want to play outside!

Sunday, 20 January 2008

Stamp-a-ma-jig Tutorial

1) The Stamp-a-ma-jig arrives to you packaged with an instruction leaflet, an imagine sheet (this is clear but I have put some white paper under it so you can see it) and a strange black thing, this is your Stamp-a-ma-jig!

2) To demonstrate how to use it I have chosen two stamps from the Heartfelt Thanks stamp set which work well together. They form a Two-Part Stamping partnership!

3) Stamp your primary image, this is the one where the exact position of it is really not that important, if it is a few millimetres out, it really won't matter!

4) The next image to be stamped is the one where placing may be really important. In this case I have stamped it without the Stamp-a-ma-jig. You can see that it does not line up at all. Sometimes the being slightly off is actually a preferable look, but when it is this 'off' it really does not look great and can be very frustrating if you have ruined something you have already spent time and effort on...this is where the Stamp-a-ma-jig can help!

5) Place the Stamp-a-ma-jig so it is like an inverted 'T', put the Imagine sheet right in to one of the corners, which one doesn't matter, if you are right handed you may prefer the right hand side and if you are left handed you may prefer to work with the left hand corner.

Which ever corner you like just make sure it is really tucked in!

6) Ink up your stamp and tuck it into the same corner as your Imaging Sheet and keeping it tucked in stamp it down.

The image will now be on your imaging sheet.

7) Place the imaging sheet over your primary stamped image and move it about until you get it exactly where you want it.

8) The next bits are a little fiddly but it does get easier - I promise! Put the Stamp-a-ma-jig so that the corner of the sheet tucks in to the corner it was before, make sure it is well tucked in there.

Without moving the Stamp-a-ma-jig, remove the imaging sheet.

9) Ink up your second stamp once more and stabilising the Stamp-a-ma-jig, place the stamp in the corner and stamp down.

Remove the stamp, 'et voila' your second image should be stamped exactly where you wanted it to be. The key thing is to make make sure the Stamp-a-ma-jig does not get moved about once placed.

You can see the difference it makes when you look at the images below, the one on the left has used the Stamp-a-ma-jig and the one on the right did not.

Stamp-a-ma-jig are great to use when placing the cargo on the back of the Ute in the loads of Love Stamp-a-ma-jig stamp set, the Heartfelt Thanks set can really benefit from it and of course there are used for it in almost any set. The thing to remember that Handmade cards are exactly that, they are handmade and therefore not perfect and no two are ever a like. Not everything has to be perfectly placed, but there are times when you to need to accurately place a stamp to give your card a well finished and professional look.

Oooh sooo busy!!!

Well this afternoon my husband was out taking some pictures, all three boys were at a neighbours watching a movie so I was on my own.

I had previously moved some card making bits down in to the garage as the boys were playing out on the cul-de-sac with some friends and I like to keep an eye on them. It was just as I had got going when they were invited to watch the movie.

So as I had my craft stuff downstairs anyway I decided to park myself in front of the TV, watch all my recorded shows and have a play. Normally I would do my ironing in front of these shows and really, looking at my ironing pile I should have, but hey, there is always

My mission was to create a few cards just using stamps from the Sale-a-Bration sets and I have to say I was VERY productive!!!

It was not such a hard task really as they are such versatile sets, in fact I shall be quite sad at the end of February when I can no longer demonstrate with them!!

So here are my offerings!!!

The first couple of cards are made from the Friendship Blooms set, they both follow the same principle of what I call a 'strip' card. These are such easy cards to make as you can basically cover a whole sheet of card stock in your design and cut it into strips and make lots of cards from it and by changing the layering colours and details they can all be the same yet different!

On the second card I used the corner rounder to scallop the edges. This is a very easy technique to use and just adds a little more interest!

These next three cards were primarily designed using the Merci set with text taken from Birthday Whimsy and Lots of Thoughts. As valentines is not too far away the first one is a valentines card. I stamped the flower head out a second time, cut it out and using a brad and a Stampin' Dimensions (double sided, sticky foam pad to give some dimension) I attached it on top of the original.

The second card was more an experiment than anything, on the whole it is OK but perhaps next time I would just leave the black circles off completely and add some other kind of embellishment. Each card is a learning

The idea of this third card from the Merci set is OK but the overall look is not! The butterfly has been made in to a 'tile' by using multiple layers of clear embossing powder and then I sprinkled some Dazzling diamond glitter over it & reheated it to set the glitter in. The green strip is torn and scrunched and Versamark has been used to create a background on the blue card. I think more could have been done with the tile and this card has not really shown it off in it's best light. Having said that I can think of quite a few young girls that would love this card!

The final three cards have primarily used the Birthday Whimsy set. The first card is just a little one, merely a 10.5cm square. The red balloon in the centre is stamped on a scrap of Whisper White, cut out, gently teased into a curve 3d shape and adhered on with some Stampin' Dimensionals. This card would be very easy to produce in a large number as an invite to a party, yet still holds that 'ooh what a cute card' factor!

Again this card is one that I am not overly pleased with, it would have been better as a smaller card, it didn't need those 3 presents at the bottom but I can always cut them off! It is another card a young girl would like I think, having said that, I have three boys so what do I know about little girls?!

This final one is a very easy card and one that can easily be sent to a male, and as we all know that is always a bonus!! You can't actually see in this picture, but the presents were stamped out on the white card stock and then stamped again on another piece, cut out and adhered, yes you are getting it know..., with Stampin' Dimensionals. I curved the presents round a pen a little first so it looks as if they are just rolling off the surface of the card and not sticking out.

The presents are not in a straight line which annoys me so next time I would use my Stamp-a-ma-jig* to position them more accurately - I am so anal!!!

* Just to explain what a Stamp-a-ma-jig is, it is a natty little tool, sold by Stampin' Up which takes the guesswork out of positioning you image exactly where you want it to be - I think I will put together a little tutorial for you!

Sunday, 13 January 2008

Bouncing Babies......

This is a card I made yesterday as I thought it would be fun. I was playing about with the All in the Family stamp set which was recently released for just one month. ( It will be available again in the next catalogue!)

It is a very simple card to make and could easily be adapted in to a gender specific card or a set for birth announcements, thank you cards etc.

Project Recipe

Stamps: All in the Family, Warm Words
Paper: Whisper White, Basic Black
Inks: Black Stazon
Accesories: Gingham ribbon, watercolour crayons, aqua painter, Stampin' Dimensional

Cards for sale......


I just wanted you to know that if you see a card on this website that you like or you would like to commission a card or in fact an entire set of cards then this can be done.

I am putting together a wedding package which I hope will be available for viewing some time in the near future.

I can guarantee that each card will be totally hand made by myself. For this reason no two cards will be totally identical.

I can provide a price on application as the work on each card is so variable the costs will not be the same for every one. I can also provide a quote for postage anywhere in the world.

Those outside Australia will need to pay via PayPal.

If you are interested in purchasing a card you have seen or indeed would like to have a bespoke card/cards made, email me for more information.

To view most of the cards I have made visit MY GALLERY, of course some have been sent out to people but on the most part, they can be recreated.

Lynda x

Teeny Tiny Milk Cartons...

I had a go at the 3d Demonstrable Projects challenge on SCS, it was to make some Teeny Tiny Milk cartons. They really are teeny, you can stack about three to four Starburst sweets into each one (or Opal Fruits if you still call them that - showing my age now...)

They would be great for Party Bags, to put jewellry in or indeed any small gift. The template I based it is was from a blog belonging to Rochelle Wick. I adapted the template slightly, firstly changing dimensions to metric and then adding bit and taking bits away, but the size is pretty much faithful to the original. If you would like a copy of the template let me know.

I could fit four boxes on one sheet of A4 and still have enough card left over to make tags for all of them if I wanted. As I had four boxes, I decided to try four different ways of decorating them, so here they are. The photo is not great but you can get the idea, the pencil is there so you can appreciate how small they are.

Project Recipe
Stamps: 1. Spring Time Stems, 2. Friendship Blooms, 3. Riveting & Warm Word, 4. Merci
Paper: Whisper white, Basic Black and Real Red
Ink: 1. Soft Subtles Spots, 2.Cotton Candy Kaleidoscope & Black, 3. Bold Bright Spots & Black, 4. Black
Accessories: Water colour pencils, grosgrain ribbon, brads


I was surfing the web as you do and invariably I always find myself looking at other hand made cards. Following a few links here and there I came across a very talented card maker, Michelle Zindorf. Using her ideas I based two cards on ones she had made. I am really pleased with them so Michelle, thanks for the inspiration!!

This first one uses a brayered background to give a 'moody' sky. By simply changing the colours of the ink you can change the mood completely. The effect of snow on the ground was given by simply masking off the Whisper White card using torn Post It notes. I used a white gel pen just to give the impression it was still snowing.

Card Recipe

Stamps: Lovely as a Tree
Papers: Marigold Morning, Whisper White and Black.
Inks: Marigold Morning, Buckaroo Blue, Black Stazon.
Accessories: Post It notes, brayer, white singlo gel pen, white grosgrain ribbon, paper piercer

The second card is almost a direct case from Michelle's although with a slightly different layout. It took me MANY attempts to get the look I wanted and I used a whole piece of Very Vanilla card stock trying to get what I wanted!

Project Recipe

Stamps: Carte Postale (from the Summer mini catalogue), French Script.
Papers: Ruby Red, True Thyme and Very Vanilla.
Inks: Ruby Red, True Thyme and Pumpkin Pie.
Accessories: water spritzer

To get the effect I used a lot of second generation stamping. This is where you ink up your stamp, stamp it off once on scrap paper, this is your first generation stamp, and then stamp on to your card stcok to give you a softer, more faded image, this is the second generation stamp.

A nice tip I got from Michelle was when I stamped the French Scrips background I lightly spritzed it with water which made the ink blur a little and givces a more aged effect.

Stamp Camp

Just a quick reminder to all my customers and any Tassie based Stampers! I am holding a Stamp Camp together with another Stampin' Up! Demonstrator on the 2nd February.

It is a whole day devoted to trying new techniques and perfecting others. Spaces are limited so if you would like more information please email me and I will forward you all the required information.

Spaces are filling fast so get in quick!!!

More Crayon Resist and Sale-a-Bration stamps!

Having recently taken possession of another of the FREE Sale-a-Bration stamp sets I felt it lent itself completely to the crayon resist I was playing with the other day.

So I whipped up a couple of cards, and I literally mean 'whipped' as they are so fast yet incredibly effective. I used the kaleidoscope spectrum pads and a brayer to get the back grounds on these. I hope you like them.

You'll have to excuse the flash on this one, it is glossy card stock so reflects the light! I should take the picture again but I am having an attack of the "I can't be bothered!" As well as taking the picture I have to download it, resize it, add the watermark and save it then upload it so it takes too long and I am far too lazy today!

Both cards use the Sale-a-Bration stamp set Friendship Blooms

The images are stamped on to glossy white card stock using Black Stazon and then areas I wanted highlighted I crayon over with a white crayon. I then ink up my brayer with one of the Spectrum pads and simply roll and then polish the card with a piece of paper towel. Of course then you construct and embellish your card to taste!

I think this stamp set has so much potential and given that it is free, it is Double Bubble!

Don't forget, by placing an order of just 100$ on Stampin' Up! products during the months of January and February you can claim one of four sets absolutely free. Why not collect all four sets!!!

Remember I can take orders via the website and I can take payments with money order, by PayPal or by cheque, you can even pay with your credit card if I send you a PayPal invoice! As an added bonus I have also included FREE shipping for all orders taken via the website for this month only. (All orders can only be shipped to an address within Australia.)

Monday, 7 January 2008

Polished Stone

Well this is the last post of today as I have to feed the kids and then I am off to watch the tennis! Not on TV I am actually going to watch the live Moorilla Hobart International! I have a few tickets to go this week so shall be supping wine in the Sunshine (of course given the climate changes we have here within just one hour, it could easily be rain, hail, gale force winds!!!!).

I wanted to share with you my first ever attempts at the technique 'polished stone'. I am holding a Stamp Camp with a fellow Stampin' Up! demonstrator, Claire, one of the things she is doing is this technique so I thought it may be good if I tried too!

It is sooooo simple yet incredibly effective. All you need is some rubbing alcohol, such as Isocol which you can get from the first aid area in Woolworths, some reinkers, at least one metallic one, some glossy card and some cotton wool!

Well my first problem is that I didn't have any metallic re-inkers so I tried the technique using metallic ink pads directly onto the card, so if you don't have a metallic re-inker, all is not lost!

  • Firstly, drop a few drops of metallic re-inker on to the glossy card randomly (or pat your ink pad over it so a fair amount of ink is released).
  • Next soak a cotton wool ball in rubbing alcohol and drop a few drops of one colour re-inker in one 'corner' and the same colour again in the opposite corner. Use another colour in the remaining two corners
  • Randomly blot your cotton wool ball (ink side down!) all over your glossy card until you get the look you like. Put it aside for a time to dry (or use a heat tool to accelerate this process.
  • You'll be amazed at the results, the metallic colour really makes it shimmer and with the glossy surface it truly does look like polished stone. The beauty of this you can make gorgeous back grounds which will match your card stock perfectly. You will also find you don't get the same look twice which can be good (or frustrating but we shall try and be positive and stick with the 'good'!)

Here are my attempts but you will see that it is hard to truly capture the texture with a camera.

This first one Copper-Vintage Violet-Marigold Morning

This one is Gold-Cranberry Crips-True Thyme

This one is Silver-Cool Caribbean-Mariogold Morning

This one is Silver-Vintage Violet-Buckaroo Blue

This one is Gold-Buckaroo Blue-Cool Caribbean

You would have noticed that all the re-inkers I have are the 'In Colour' range, but they do work beautifully with each other. I am currently awaiting the re-inkers in the Soft Subtles range and can't wait to play with those!

ps. be aware, the metallic colour 'sits' on top of the card and does rub off on your hands and is easily transferred (I can say this safely as I look at the gold keys on my keyboard!) If you wipe the card you will lose the effect so if it is going to be used to make a box or something that is going to be handled a lot I do recommend sealing it with a fixative spray or perhaps even hairspray.

Altered Books...

Many months ago whilst browsing in one of my fave shops (Officeworks - how sad am I?!) I came across some little note books. The were very inexpensive but very boring, glossy black with a red spine and red corners. I thought they had a lot of potential so grabbed a few and have basically sat looking them since then!

Well last night, or should I say early this morning, I was struggling to sleep so decided to get up and have a 'play'.

I was too tired to be too creative so kept it very simple, but using PVA glue, a foam spreader. a bone folder and some scissors, not to mention SU! card stock and the Time Well Spent stamp set I finally covered one of the books. I decided to make it for my friend who has been away for a couple of weeks and I didn't get a chance to give her a Christmas gift.

It really was so simple to do, the thing I found important was to make sure the glue was evenly spread and all the folds were neat and tight so it didn't look too unprofessional. The good thing about these little books the have a plain sheet of paper at the beginning and end so I was able to stick these to the inside of the covers for a very clean finish.

Here is the finished product.

The card stock and inks used were Pretty Pink and Mellow Moss. I shall have a go at a few more of these and may in fact buy myself a boring diary to cover to use for booking my SU! workshops etc!