Monday, 26 November 2007

Watercolouring and more...

I think my most favourite technique of stamping is water colouring the image afterwards. I find it really therapeutic and love the fact that every single time you watercolour an image it is slightly different from the time before.

For this reason, I jumped at the chance of attending a water colouring course designed specifically for stampers. it was not run by Stampin' Up!, it was run by an Australian stamper, Jeanette Trapette. She works primarily with Judikins stamps which I also love greatly.

I was so pleased when one of the projects was some topiary trees, I love this stamp. We were told to consider each tree as a separate entity, so that is why my colours are not actually very co-ordinated, but the overall affect is very colourful!! The idea was to bring some depth to the picture and enhance the natural shapes of the objects.

We also had a go at a lady's face, at the time I was not so happy with my end result but actually looking back at it now I really like it. I think everyone interprets the colouring and shading very differently so when you are in a class situation you can't help but compare yours to someone elses', which is constructive but at times also destructive!

We had a go at a lot of different types of stamping, I did learn a lot and was totally overwhelmed by the end! I had a go at making a 'collage' card, I was very apprehensive at the time as it really is different to my usual style, but again I found I really enjoyed having a go and was quite happy with the end result. it really shows you that stamping is not as hard as it looks!

Well I hoped you enjoyed looking at them, I shall be adapting some of these techniques to some Stmapin' Up! sets in the near future so keep on checking in!

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