Monday, 26 November 2007

It's a cracker........

I had my last workshop demonstration before Christmas last week and the hostess requested a Christmas theme so I wracked my brain for a few different things to do. I had not placed my order for Christmas paper in time so I decided to decorate some card stock with embossing, make a mini cracker and use it as a place card and demonstrated how you could place a small gift inside for your guest.

Here is my sample one which is a little different from how I actually made It. In the workshop I used Night of Navy card stock, silver embossing with silver cord and I made it so that the name tag stuck out at an angle a little. People really liked it and it definitely had the WOW factor! I only used half a toilet roll tube and an A5 piece of card. The whole cracker is only about 19cm long.

I decided to use the faux metal technique again but actually as a demonstration, given the chances of this going wrong I was either very stupid or very lucky as it worked! This was my practice card, the actual workshop card was nicer as it was on landscape which I preferred. I really scrunched up the True Thyne card stock so it was like handmade paper. It is definitely a technique I will use again.

My husband is off overseas for a couple of weeks shortly so I am hoping to have some time to make some more cards but I also need to make my cards to send overseas...yikes!!!

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