Monday, 26 November 2007

It's a cracker........

I had my last workshop demonstration before Christmas last week and the hostess requested a Christmas theme so I wracked my brain for a few different things to do. I had not placed my order for Christmas paper in time so I decided to decorate some card stock with embossing, make a mini cracker and use it as a place card and demonstrated how you could place a small gift inside for your guest.

Here is my sample one which is a little different from how I actually made It. In the workshop I used Night of Navy card stock, silver embossing with silver cord and I made it so that the name tag stuck out at an angle a little. People really liked it and it definitely had the WOW factor! I only used half a toilet roll tube and an A5 piece of card. The whole cracker is only about 19cm long.

I decided to use the faux metal technique again but actually as a demonstration, given the chances of this going wrong I was either very stupid or very lucky as it worked! This was my practice card, the actual workshop card was nicer as it was on landscape which I preferred. I really scrunched up the True Thyne card stock so it was like handmade paper. It is definitely a technique I will use again.

My husband is off overseas for a couple of weeks shortly so I am hoping to have some time to make some more cards but I also need to make my cards to send overseas...yikes!!!

Watercolouring and more...

I think my most favourite technique of stamping is water colouring the image afterwards. I find it really therapeutic and love the fact that every single time you watercolour an image it is slightly different from the time before.

For this reason, I jumped at the chance of attending a water colouring course designed specifically for stampers. it was not run by Stampin' Up!, it was run by an Australian stamper, Jeanette Trapette. She works primarily with Judikins stamps which I also love greatly.

I was so pleased when one of the projects was some topiary trees, I love this stamp. We were told to consider each tree as a separate entity, so that is why my colours are not actually very co-ordinated, but the overall affect is very colourful!! The idea was to bring some depth to the picture and enhance the natural shapes of the objects.

We also had a go at a lady's face, at the time I was not so happy with my end result but actually looking back at it now I really like it. I think everyone interprets the colouring and shading very differently so when you are in a class situation you can't help but compare yours to someone elses', which is constructive but at times also destructive!

We had a go at a lot of different types of stamping, I did learn a lot and was totally overwhelmed by the end! I had a go at making a 'collage' card, I was very apprehensive at the time as it really is different to my usual style, but again I found I really enjoyed having a go and was quite happy with the end result. it really shows you that stamping is not as hard as it looks!

Well I hoped you enjoyed looking at them, I shall be adapting some of these techniques to some Stmapin' Up! sets in the near future so keep on checking in!

Monday, 19 November 2007

A serendipidous find....

Oooh I love that word!! I was looking at my little camera the other day and noticed I had some pics of cards on there I had given away and thought I had forgotten to photograph but I hadn't!!!

This first one is using one of most beautiful sets, In Full Bloom,I believe the layout was one used in a SCS demo thing from way back but my mind is addled nowadays so I may be completely wrong!

The second card I cannot remember why I made it and who received it. I think I can safely say it was not overly successful attempt, I should have known when to stop as it is far to cluttered but I still like the colour combination and the actual main part of the card.

Of course I have used the ever faithful In Full Bloom stamp set again. It is such a pretty set and suits so many different colourways and styles.

The final card is again using one of my fave sets, Lovely as a Tree. I made a few of these for a card swap I did, it was very simple to make and could suit almost any circumstance with the right wording and embellishments. With a little glitter it could even be Christmas...hmm now that has got me thinking!

Sail away..sail away...

Makes me think of Enya - gee she was big in the eighties for while there!

I am sorry I have not updated the blog recently, time has been so short that I have just not had a chance to keep up. I am finally catching up with myself (as long as we don't include ironing!!!) so will have more time to get back on track with this site.

The title for today's post is inspired by the card I made my step-father earlier this month. This was one of the first stamp sets I bought, even before becoming a demonstrator. It is one that I think is very much underused which is a shame as it is so versatile and one of the few sets which has a definite 'male' orientation to it.

You can see, I have used the Hodgepodge Hardware on this card. I only use it on really special cards where I know the person will keep the card and not just discard it. I always avoided buying it as I felt it was too expensive but now I do have it I realise it will actually last a long time and is really worth having as it does add a certain 'something' to the finished product! I should say that the 'Happy Birthday' on this card is not a Stampin' Up! one, it is another one I had that just happened to fit the hardware really well!

Monday, 12 November 2007

Long time no blog!

Well it has been a few days since I last posted. Life as always has been very hectic, I lost my favourite necklace, my purse, had a birthday and then a weekend away in Melbourne!

Whilst in Melbourne I attended the Stampin' Up! Regional Seminar which was great fun. I am not sure how much I took away from the actual seminar but it was great to meet other demonstrators and come away with some swaps! There are some very talented people out there!

I completely forgot about making any swaps myself so I was up until the early hours of the morning on a couple of days putting mine together. I am so glad I did otherwise I would have had no swaps to bring back with me.

Whilst at the seminar I received the Simply Said set of stamps, it has been on my wish list for a very long time so it was very nice to get my hands on it! We had a couple of projects to make on the day which were very sweet, I made my first 6x6 scrap page and decided I would quite like to make a few pages this size, it is a lot less daunting than the 12x12 size! I shall post some pictures soon as I am sure you will like them too.

It is a countdown now until the new mini catalogue is available, I really cannot wait to show you some of the beautiful stamp sets and paper in this mini catalogue, they are just gorgeous!

Keep checking up as I shall be updating more rgularly again now and don;t forget to check out the current promotions!

Sunday, 4 November 2007

For the person who has it all!

Don't forget if you are stuck for a Christmas present for that person that has everything, why don't you consider one of our Simply Sent card kits. Beautifully packaged these kits contain all the stamps, inks, card stock and accessories to make 10 cards (5 each of 2 designs). It comes with full instructions and of course even when the cardstock has run out, the stamps and inks can still be used!

There is no cutting, no messy adhesives, just plenty of fun and something to show for it at the end.

Use these kits
  • on long distance journeys
  • for hospital stays
  • when you know someone who would love to have a go at card making but is a little overwhelmed by it all
  • for someone who is pretty much housebound
  • for someone who has everything else
These are just a few ideas, I am sure you know just the person who would love to receive one of these. To see our full range of Simply Sent kits visit our online catalogue and go to pages 18-20.

As an early Christmas present I will offer these sets with a 10% discount of their full price, just until the end of November!

Christmas Wishlist...

Dare I mention the 'C' word, I guess I better as we are now counting weeks before it arrives and no longer months!

So how fed up are you of receiving lovely presents but they are not quite what you want, or what you even need?

Well how about registering a Stampin' Up! Wishlist with me and asking those near and dear to you contact me and find out what you really would like!

Since 'growing up' one of the sad things about Christmas I have found is that you open your presents but there is nothing to play with, you watch the children with their new bits and there is nothing for you to do other than pack the new pepper mill into the cupboard next to the one you got the year before!

Let this Christmas be the one where you can go off and 'play' with your presents!

If you would like to set up a wish list then please mail me to register. This offer is open to anyone who resides in Australia.

Saturday, 3 November 2007

Working on a Gallery...

With a little help from my computer literate husband (OK a lot!), I am trying to put together a gallery where you can see the cards, in their Stamp Set groups without having all the blurb!

In the most basic form it should be available in the next couple of days but I will be fine tuning it as I learn how it all works, a little like this site - a work in progress!

Keep on checking in to see where I am at!!

Night night all

Lynda x

Today's second card....

I really should wait before I post these so that when I am having one of creative blocks I still have something to post! I am just so excited about getting this site up and running I cannot contain myself. I just need SU! to get back to me so I can go 'live' officially!

Well my second card today used vellum with some watercolouring. I don't used vellum very often, I don't know why as when I do I love it. One of my favourite stamp sets is In Full Bloom and one of my favourite colours is Rose Red from the Rich Regals colour family so I thought I would combine the two and add in the lovely Vintage Violet card and ink from the current In Colour range.

I used the Stampin' Write Markers to watercolour the flower and when it was dry I covered it in Crystal Effects to give it a raised, glossy effect. I left the vellum loose at the bottom so it can flap up so the decorated cardstock beneath can be seen and it gives the card a little more movement.

Faux Metal...

Well this is the first of today's projects, I was looking through SCS last night and was inspired to try some new things. I really liked the look of the Faux Metal so I had a go. I used the 'wisdom' stamp from the Kanji set and was really pleased with the result. It came out a little too shiny so I sponged some black ink over it which gave it a more aged appearance.

I didn't really know how to present it on a card, I had a bit of a creative block so I referred to card I received in a swap from my colleague Claire. Her card did not use faux metal but it did use the same stamp. I changed the colours and the text et voila....

I wasn't so happy with the original layout I did and posted so I have pulled it apart, as I suspected I would, and reconstructed it. I am much happier now!

Yayy it is the weekend!

Things have been a bit hectic the last few days, we have had trips to the vets for little Ziggi who had to have the drain taken out of his abscess. It looks so much better now and definitely less macabre now the tube is out, it looked like he had some extreme body piercing fetish before!

My eldest son has been away on camp and returned back with a suitcase full of washing, and my husband has been away too and also arrived back with a suitcase full of washing! I feel slightly angelic now as all washing is up-to-date and the ironing almost is! I therefore allowed myself an hour or so of card making between supermarket shopping, food preparation and general refereeing between the various children's arguments!

I will show you two of my three projects from today, one I have to keep quiet about for a week or so as I think I will do it for a card swap with my fellow downliners and my upliner.

Before I do however, here is a card I made for the group I am in, all of us have birthdays within weeks of each other so this is the card I made for them. It is based on another card I saw, again I cannot remember where or by who, they had used a beautiful background paper which I did not have for the strip across the back so I had to improvise. I used the Bloomin' wheel and rolled it twice and then watercoloured it using Stampin' Write Markers.

Thursday, 1 November 2007

All in The Family...

Sadly, Stampin' Ups! Australian General Manager, Dave Abbot, recently died after a long battle with a rare blood disorder. This stamp set is being released for this month only and 100% of sales of this set will got the Dave Abbot Family Fund.

This is a superb stamp set, which will be in the new Idea Book and Catalogue, due for release in April 2008, is now available for just the month of November. After the 30th November this set will not be available again until April next year.

Download the flyer to view stamp set images.

As you will see, there is so much potential with this set, cards, scrapbook pages, kids projects to name but a few, can you afford NOT to have it?

The price of this set is $73.95AUD, postage for this item is $5.95. If you chose to go ahead and purchase this set I will take 10% of the purchase price and not charge postage - yep FREE postage!

This means it can arrive on your doorstep for just

(if you have further merchandise you would like to order with this set, I will honour the free postage up to a total order value of $119)

If you would like to purchase this set of stamps, please contact me. I can accept Paypal, or Direct Deposit.

Just in Thyme...

The November promotion is HERE! Visit the Stampin' Up! home page to see the beautiful Christmas paper which is only available from today, 1st November to the 15th December. Its value is $16.95 but will be available for the fantastic price of $14.50.

Needless to say it coordinates perfectly with a huge range of Stampin' Up! Card Stock - Christmas cards this year should be a breeze!

I am placing my order today, if you would like to place an order to, please contact me and you could be the proud owner of this gorgeous paper! Of course if you order one set, why not two? After all this paper is only on offer for a few weeks.