Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Tag Workshop..

I had read about these on SCS and decided I might have a go. Basically I invited a number of friends over to share a social evening with me and go away with something they created. I made a really nice little flyer and mailed it to most people and gave it to others. There was a fee of $10 which would be reduced in stages depending if they placed an order but I did stress that it was not about me taking orders, I really just wanted to introduce craft to some of those that have never tried it and thought they couldn't do it!

I half expect a group of just 3-4 to turn up but 16 people said they could come so it was a bit of a creative start just fitting them in and ensuring there was enough accessories for everyone so waiting time was minimised!

I can honestly say I think everyone enjoyed the evening, everyone was so creative they surprised themselves, I learnt so much from them! I did receive a couple of w/s bookings from the evening which was an added bonus. I had enough orders to qualify for a hostess benefit, I donated the stamp set to one of my best customers and kept the free merchandise for myself!

I also had a lucky door prize of a set of Terrific Tag stamps. I was getting disillusioned that I had all the level 1 hostess sets I wanted, so I was really pleased with the idea of hoarding them to give away at various event! These pictures show the kind of thing they made, these were my sample ones. I used the Looks Like Spring set exclusively for the 'green' one to show what can be done with the October Promotion stamps and punch alone, not even considering the papers. On the other sets I used the Greetings Galore set of stamps and for the third one I used the Terrific Tags hostess set of stamps.

I was a little worried that some people might find it a little daunting and would prefer something a little smaller so I made some little Bag-of-Tags as an alternative they could do.

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