Monday, 29 October 2007

A Taste of the Orient

I was desperately waiting for an order to arrive as I had some ideas and couldn't wait any longer (I am talking of a very low patience level as orders are actually very quick to arrive!)

I ordered the Kanji set of four Japanese characters, harmony, love, tranquility and wisdom. It just so happens that I had a stamp in my collection that also has the Japanese symbol for 'love'. It is almost identical to the Stampin' Up! one so I thought I would use it as the overall look would be the same!

I will have to go back and remove the copyright from this picture as it is actually inaccurate! The card is quite 3D as I have created an 'exploding frame'. it is very effective but does make putting it in an envelope a little tricky, I will need to make a box to send this card!

I went for the very simple, clean look that I associate with Japan. You'll see I also made a mini brag book and adopted the same design. The book is made from some covered card and a sheet of 12 x 12 paper. I have made it so that some of the pages have openings to hold some tags for journalling, there are even some secret pockets in there. I could have gone on and on with this but had to stop in the end, it was a really fun project to work on

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