Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Hectic day!

I was all up for a nice peaceful day today as my youngest son was at childcare all day and the only person I needed to be responsible for all day was myself - a real luxury. What I didn't figure on was the strife our furry, four legged friend can cause!

Little Ziggi, our 6 month old, male, smoky tabby cat has been a bit sore on his back over the weekend so I took him in today and they prodded and poked and all I can say is EUUUWWWW. Now i know what an abscess really looks like! Needless to say he had to have an opp and is now going round half shave with a very gory looking tube transversing his back and oozing stuff! SO part of my day was spent to'ing and fro'ing from the vets! Another huge part was collecting last minute bits for my eldest son' school camp which he goes on tomorrow until Friday! Very scary, he has never been away from home without one of us for more than a night before.

I managed to find a little time for myself in a cafe, a couple of lattes, some beans on toast and a magazine read with no interruptions - bliss! (I am now SOOO up on Hollywood gossip!)

I spent a little time this evening watermarking a few more pictures to add so my intention is to add some of them tonight.

To start with, here is one I made for the October Promotion. I wanted to make something with a little class as mostly when I use this set I am drawn to more vibrant colours and the cards are more 'fun'. I thought this could be used as a wedding invite or something similar.

You'll see form the view of the open shot there is a tag inside it. I haven't got any ribbon that coordinates with it as yet so the tag looks a little plain, although it is embossed in gold around the edge.

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