Monday, 29 October 2007

Another mini book

This is a little book I demonstrated at a Mother & Daughter workshop. I decided to demonstrate it as I felt the teenage girls would love to have this to add little tit-bits of gossip, photos and other bits in - I was right!

It was a good project to demonstrate as it showed off a lot of products and techniques. I did most of the prep before hand so said "....and here is one I prepared earlier'" quite a lot otherwise the guests may have lost the will to live watching me fold, cut and adhere for ages!

You'll notice the ribbon is actually 'contraband'. At the stage I did this workshop I was not in possession of any Stampin' Up! Ribbon, but I am pleased to say that I am now the proud owner of a large amount array of grosgrain in an assortment of colours, even some Organdy!! I have used the red an awful lot and will soon be on my second spool!

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