Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Almost at an end...

Well I have almost posted all of the cards I can. There are a few left but it is getting late, I am tired and it is an early start in the morning. Of course even once I have posted them all I shall keep creating so it will be never ending!

I am still waiting for Stampin' Up! to get back to me, I guess it has only been a couple of days but I am impatient as I want to start promoting this blog and allowing some of my regular customers and hopefully future customers to be preferably inspired but possibly learn 'what not to do'!!!

Night night all

Another girly fix..

This card is so pretty although it doesn't photograph well, it seems to lose colour (most likely the photographer messing it up!)

It was very simple to make and has a lot of texture and of course has the 'must have' glitter required for all little girls' cards!

I am not totally happy with the tag but I was running out of time and inspiration so I left it as is, and will improve on the design at a later stage.

This was one of the hostess sets I resisted getting as I felt with only 3 stamps in it I would be limited but as I use it more and more and see what others have achieved with it, I now think it is a lovely little set.

Crafty Nights..

I went to a friends house a few weeks back (yes I am talking about you Sarah!), as she generously has monthly craft nights at her home. Many of us come along when we can, sit, chat, each chocolate and occasionally create something! This was one a few cards I managed to make. I was really pleased with how it turned out. I really struggled with the colours, I tried using the Colour Wheel but it wasn't working for me that day so I just went with my gut. I think the colour wheel only really helps me if I have not got a clue where to start. I think also I need to keep reminding myself that it doesn't always mean it has to be that colour card, it could be the colour I use when colouring in a stamped image, it could be a piece of ribbon or some hardware etc.

I am so happy with the French Script background stamp, I really must get it out and use it again. A friend saw one of the other cards I made that night and made huge hints that she wanted that for her birthday card - I am just hoping I remembered to take a picture of it before I gave it to her. I made loads of cards this weekend, all of which are in the post and I totally forgot to take ANY pictures - grrrr

Another card swap creation

Another card I made for a swap with the downline group I am in. This was a 'male' theme. This stamp is so beautiful in fact the whole Lovely as a Tree set is!

The colours on this are very autumnal and makes me want to put on a warm jacket and go for a brisk walk!

A refreshing Christmas..

I created this card for a card swap for the group of downlines I am in. I used these colours in an earlier card and a scrap book page (To be shown later!) as I think they are just gorgeous together.

I used the Stampin' Write Markers and an aqua painter to give the very pastel colouring to the reindeer and sleigh. I scribbled on a piece of acetate with the pens and then picked it up with the painter. A similar effect can be achieved using the Stampin' Pastels The background and text is heat embossed with silver.

The text is also given a lift using the Stampin' Dimensionals. My first attempt at this card was a waterfall card but after making one I realised I had fallen in to the same trap I always do, I used snowflakes to represent Christmas whereas here in Aus it is summer!!! (I have been here less than two years and only had one Christmas so I am still new to this whole warm Christmas thing!).

I shall post a picture of my original attempt anyway for your perusal!

Tag Workshop..

I had read about these on SCS and decided I might have a go. Basically I invited a number of friends over to share a social evening with me and go away with something they created. I made a really nice little flyer and mailed it to most people and gave it to others. There was a fee of $10 which would be reduced in stages depending if they placed an order but I did stress that it was not about me taking orders, I really just wanted to introduce craft to some of those that have never tried it and thought they couldn't do it!

I half expect a group of just 3-4 to turn up but 16 people said they could come so it was a bit of a creative start just fitting them in and ensuring there was enough accessories for everyone so waiting time was minimised!

I can honestly say I think everyone enjoyed the evening, everyone was so creative they surprised themselves, I learnt so much from them! I did receive a couple of w/s bookings from the evening which was an added bonus. I had enough orders to qualify for a hostess benefit, I donated the stamp set to one of my best customers and kept the free merchandise for myself!

I also had a lucky door prize of a set of Terrific Tag stamps. I was getting disillusioned that I had all the level 1 hostess sets I wanted, so I was really pleased with the idea of hoarding them to give away at various event! These pictures show the kind of thing they made, these were my sample ones. I used the Looks Like Spring set exclusively for the 'green' one to show what can be done with the October Promotion stamps and punch alone, not even considering the papers. On the other sets I used the Greetings Galore set of stamps and for the third one I used the Terrific Tags hostess set of stamps.

I was a little worried that some people might find it a little daunting and would prefer something a little smaller so I made some little Bag-of-Tags as an alternative they could do.

Subtle and simple...

This is a card I saw recently on another website, again I cannot remember which website or who the artist was, if you recognise it as your work please mail me and i will give you the credit!

It is not a total replica as I made a few changes but it is a lovely card, so simple.. Someone has asked me to do it as a demonstration for a w/s next week as a Christmas card. The ribbon was added as I was recycling some masking tape, an area had lost some 'stick' and came up when I was sponging, I couldn't bare to start again so I covered it up! As I always say, you never make a mistake when crafting, you just create a new opportunity to improve!

Hectic day!

I was all up for a nice peaceful day today as my youngest son was at childcare all day and the only person I needed to be responsible for all day was myself - a real luxury. What I didn't figure on was the strife our furry, four legged friend can cause!

Little Ziggi, our 6 month old, male, smoky tabby cat has been a bit sore on his back over the weekend so I took him in today and they prodded and poked and all I can say is EUUUWWWW. Now i know what an abscess really looks like! Needless to say he had to have an opp and is now going round half shave with a very gory looking tube transversing his back and oozing stuff! SO part of my day was spent to'ing and fro'ing from the vets! Another huge part was collecting last minute bits for my eldest son' school camp which he goes on tomorrow until Friday! Very scary, he has never been away from home without one of us for more than a night before.

I managed to find a little time for myself in a cafe, a couple of lattes, some beans on toast and a magazine read with no interruptions - bliss! (I am now SOOO up on Hollywood gossip!)

I spent a little time this evening watermarking a few more pictures to add so my intention is to add some of them tonight.

To start with, here is one I made for the October Promotion. I wanted to make something with a little class as mostly when I use this set I am drawn to more vibrant colours and the cards are more 'fun'. I thought this could be used as a wedding invite or something similar.

You'll see form the view of the open shot there is a tag inside it. I haven't got any ribbon that coordinates with it as yet so the tag looks a little plain, although it is embossed in gold around the edge.

Monday, 29 October 2007


I have worked hard for much of the day to get this blog up and running. I have many more cards and projects to share with you, but right now I am tired! I have even managed to get the blog to go on to 3 pages - yikes!

I have contacted Stampin' Up! and given them the url to this site, I hope that I am within all the guidelines and I can start promoting the site soon and share all my hard work!

Of course now I have to wonder about my sanity as no one except me, my husband and my mum knows about this site as yet so who on earth am I talking to?!!

Of curse mum, if you do read this, then go on, be a demonstrator, you know you want to, think of all those beautiful stamp sets and cardstock - yummy, yummy , yummy! Stampin' Up! is arriving in the UK mid November - an exciting opportunity to be there at the beginning!

A Christmas Gift...

This cute little purse box was made as a demo at a workshop. Sometimes the simplest of things can be effective. Apart from the ribbon, everything used to make this box is available in the Demonstrators Starter Kit.

I find the boxes and other 3D projects go down very well in workshops as people can see that you don't have to just make cards or scrapbook pages, really it comes down to an individuals imagination and no great skill is required.


This is a dear little book which houses a pad of Post-It notes. I used card that you get inside new shirts when you buy them (always keen to recycle!) and covered them with Stampin' Up! cardstock. It makes a beautiful, inexpensive gift for some one.

I then made a tile using a stamp from the Simple Somethings set, coloured in using Stampin' Pastels and Blender Pens. I covered the image in Versamark and then heat embossed with clear powder. I repeated the embossing a few times to get a thick glossy look and then layered this on to the notebook. You could achieve a similar look with Crystal Effects but you would have to factor in drying time.

I shall put a tutorial up for this sometime in the future.
Of course if the Summer Mini Catalogue is coming out soon it means we are on the last few weeks of the Spring Mini Catalogue. So if there is a stamp set in there, perhaps a punch, a set of papers etc.. that you have longed for now is the time to place that order!

Here are two cards I made with the Like it a Latte stamp set, it is such a great set. My 9 year old son summed it up when he said to me that he looks at the cards I make from this set (in fact he has made a few good ones himself!) and feels 'warm and fuzzy' inside. He said it makes him feel safe and cosy as if he was sitting in a comfy chair by an open fire - I know exactly what he means!

It is a great set to create cards for any occasion and will be used time and time again!

News Flash!!!!

I have got a preview copy of the new Summer Mini Catalogue in my hot, sticky, little hands!!! There are so many fantastic stamps and beautiful papers in there, not to mention other 'must have' accessories, I am positively drooling!

I was hoping I may be able to order some to have a little play, but alas I have to wait some weeks yet! Talk about dangling a carrot! The catalogue will be available for you to view and order from, on the 1st December and will be current until 31st March 2008. I promise, you will not be disappointed! Keep your eye on this site to see some great new projects made from the new merchandise!

On the note of exciting new bits, the new monthly promotion is almost here and it looks great. Only available from the 1st November - 15th December. Be one of the first to order, come and visit me on 1st to see what the excitement is all about!

Ahoy, Matey

I have made so many of this pirate card I have lost track, I even did one for my own sons 3rd birthday just recently. I have a feeling I was 'inspired' by a card I saw before on another website. I have no idea where or who so if this is your card and I have cased it, please remember that you should be flattered!!! Of course if you mail me and would like me to give you the credit then of course I will be happy to do so!

The stamp set predominantly used to make this was the Ahoy, Matey set, the pirate was coloured in using the Stampin' Up! Watercolour Pencils - they are so easy to use and so clean, especially if you use the Blender Pens..cor..that was almost a sales pitch!

Another mini book

This is a little book I demonstrated at a Mother & Daughter workshop. I decided to demonstrate it as I felt the teenage girls would love to have this to add little tit-bits of gossip, photos and other bits in - I was right!

It was a good project to demonstrate as it showed off a lot of products and techniques. I did most of the prep before hand so said "....and here is one I prepared earlier'" quite a lot otherwise the guests may have lost the will to live watching me fold, cut and adhere for ages!

You'll notice the ribbon is actually 'contraband'. At the stage I did this workshop I was not in possession of any Stampin' Up! Ribbon, but I am pleased to say that I am now the proud owner of a large amount array of grosgrain in an assortment of colours, even some Organdy!! I have used the red an awful lot and will soon be on my second spool!

A Taste of the Orient

I was desperately waiting for an order to arrive as I had some ideas and couldn't wait any longer (I am talking of a very low patience level as orders are actually very quick to arrive!)

I ordered the Kanji set of four Japanese characters, harmony, love, tranquility and wisdom. It just so happens that I had a stamp in my collection that also has the Japanese symbol for 'love'. It is almost identical to the Stampin' Up! one so I thought I would use it as the overall look would be the same!

I will have to go back and remove the copyright from this picture as it is actually inaccurate! The card is quite 3D as I have created an 'exploding frame'. it is very effective but does make putting it in an envelope a little tricky, I will need to make a box to send this card!

I went for the very simple, clean look that I associate with Japan. You'll see I also made a mini brag book and adopted the same design. The book is made from some covered card and a sheet of 12 x 12 paper. I have made it so that some of the pages have openings to hold some tags for journalling, there are even some secret pockets in there. I could have gone on and on with this but had to stop in the end, it was a really fun project to work on

Totally adorable...

Another one of my favourite stamp sets, Favourite Teddy Bear. To be honest nearly all the sets I have are my fave as if they weren't then I wouldn't have bought them. The trouble is I NEED so many of them..hehe..

I used an Itty Bitty Background stamp and the old favourite, Versamark, to subtly give some texture to the main card.

I made another card at the weekend with the teddy bear I forgot to take a picture of it before I sent it off - silly me! Mr teddy bear was holding three balloons for Keira's third birthday!

A full set....

I have had great fun playing with the Springtime Stems. This set of stamps is a hostess set which you can qualify if you place an order of $300+, (before postage). As well as the set of stamps you also get a further $30 to spend on merchandise from the Idea Book & Catalogue For more information on hostess benefits please email me, you'll find my address in my profile.

The order can be only your merchandise or you can collect orders from family and friends to make it up. I can arrange to have the merchandise sent directly to your home anywhere in Australia. If you are interested, please mail me through my profile.

Going back to the projects.... I have used the same stamps and colour combinations on all three items, it is a great idea for a card and a coordinating gift bag/box. The bag is made from a simple C6 sized envelope and is cunningly called a bag-a-lope, I will give detailed instructions on how to make one of these in the near future. The box is a tiny little favour box and is so totally cute!

Another Natural Beauty creation. A very autumnal card, reminds me of home - ahhhh. I have used the faux stitching technique on this card which is just as well, when I tried using my machine to stitch card it wasn't overly successful - in fact it ended up costing me quite a lot in cardstock!!!

Faux Stitching basically means pricking holes at a regular distance apart from each other and then using a stamp and write marker to join the holes. A bit like a very simple dot-to-dot!

I find by making the the lines between the dots very slightly curved and different from the ones immediately near it, you get a more realistic effect, as we all know it is nigh on impossible to get the tension right on fabric, let alone card!


Another one of my favourite stamp sets - Natural Beauty. There are so many ways to use these stamps to create totally different effects.

My usual style has been very clean cut so some of the cards I have made with these stamps are slightly out of my comfort zone but I am loving it! I particularly like the colours of the card on the left, Certain Celery and Rose Red cardstock, ages with a Basic Brown classic pad and some sponges!

Inked backgrounds..

I was really pleased with how the heart card below turned out so I tried a similar method (well the same but with different colours!) for this card. I used the Kaleidoscope ink pads which give a great graduation of colour. The stamp comes from one of my favourite stamp sets, Lovely as a Tree, it is so versatile!

This one was created for my father-in-law in the UK but I found it on my husband's desk 2 weeks after his father's birthday - he forgot to send it!!! I shall not make any comments about males, only because I know you know already!!!!

The whole feel of this picture can be changed with a different background, using reds and oranges would suggest a winter sunrise/set and earthy colours would give it an autumnal feel. I am never ceased at being amazed with what you can create with a few colours and some rubber stamps!

Setting up my gallery

I have decided to add some pictures of cards I have made in recent weeks now so that when I am up and running a bit more I can add the cards as I 'create' them.

This one I made for my friend's little girl. I really enjoyed making it, as a mother of 3 boys I rarely get a chance to make 'girly' things. I didn't have a brayer at the time so I used finger daubers to apply ink in the lines. I masked around the edges to keep the lines nice and sharp.

The most heart breaking thing about this card is I posted it whilst on holiday in Queensland and it has never arrived. Hopefully it is not because of the $10 note that was in it..I know...I know I should never have put cash inside!

Slowly getting to grips

I have spent a bit of time ove the last hours working out blogspot and also how to watermark my images. Finally after much finger chewing (a very bad habit!!) I think I am just about getting there!

Here is a picture of a card I made my mum for her birthday last month. I really love the colours of this card and I am sure I will be using them over and over again!

Here is a Christmas card I made for a workshop. I was trying to move away from the traditional colours and achieve a fresh look. I used a lot of heat embossing on this card, white for the snow and large snowflake, silver for the small flakes and I used the heat and stick powder and glitter for the medium flakes.

It is hard to get the full effect form a picture but it is a very tactile card, a little labour intensive to make many. I used the same colour schemes to make two other cards and a scrap book page which I shall endeavour to post soon.

Playing About!

I am desperately trying to find time to learn how these blogs work and get up and running! There is never enough time of late, I spent the whole day yesterday making cards, most of them for people who have already had their birthdays - how late am I?!

I have felt a little low today so not at all creative. had my third son Thomas survived he would have been 5 today, always such a hard time of the year. I know tomorrow I will feel as if a weight has been lifted as I have survived another significant date without him. I am sure one day it will get easier but when that will be I have no idea.

On a happier note I noticed that Stampin' Up! is opening it's doors (or should I say catalogue!) back in the UK. I am persuading my mum to become a demonstrator as I know she will love it, sadly I cannot be her upline as you need to be in the same country!

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

About Lynda Moss

I have been married to my husband Paul for 10 years and we have 3 boys here on Earth and one little boy in heaven. We live in beautiful Tasmania, a breath taking place to be!

I have been making cards for a number of years, primarily stamping. When I moved from the UK to Australia I was introduced to Stampin' Up! and how could I fail to fall in love?! I now work part time as an independent Stampin' Up! demonstrator

I love so much about Stampin' Up!, I love the way it is so easy to coordinate card stock, inks and other accessories but mostly I love the fantastic stamp sets. They are so versatile, the only limitation being your imagination.

I am hoping to use this blog to introduce you to the 'art' of stamping. Any project you see here will be made exclusively of Stampin' Up! products, all of which can be purchased through me and shipped directly to your address anywhere in Australia.